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How do people with out kids live a meaningful life?

I always wonder this. People who don’t have kids may have more disposable income, but money isn’t happiness, and anyone who thinks so is a greedy pig. And I can only travel to so many places in the world, the world isn’t infinite, so why do people say that’s a benefit of not having kids. And no one cares how many places you’ve been, but kids bring joy to a ton of lives. That traveling benefit eventually expires. And those without kids die with a lot of unused assets since there’s no children to pass it down to, so no point in writing a will. And as you get older it gets harder to make friends, since the majority of people become parents when they get older and it’s hard for child free couples to relate to or become friends with parents. It’s like humans trying to become friends with wild animals. And kids don’t care about their aunts and uncles, or at least I never did as a kid. To kids, they’re like any other adults, strangers. I don’t get it

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    Many who don't have kids do have siblings with kids enabling them to have children in their lives, but without the responsibility and expense.  Such people also often name the children in their wills or give, with care, to charities.  Please remember that not everyone is able to have children, thus the reason they don't have children isn't selfishness on their part.  Thus be careful whom you bestow your stereotype.  Can you imagine what your life would be like if you weren't able to have kids?

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    By doing whatever makes them happy. People without kids don't need to justify anything to you.

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    Wow. No consideration that not everyone can have children, the many who want them and it's not a possibility. You should just stop now.

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    So you believe that it's a good thing for people who don't particularly want children to have them anyhow? To bring children into the world who will NOT be a #1 priority is OK, even good? 

    What of those people who haven't met anyone they'd want to co-parent with? They should take on all that responsibility all by themselves? Have a child with someone they believe will NOT be a good parent?

    What are you getting with all these posts about how everybody should have kids, should WANT to have kids? 

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    I'm confused as to why you would spend so much time thinking about other people's choices or life's circumstances.  You have your experiences, your biases, your ego.....none of these equal reality, they equal your perception of reality....just like every single other person on this planet.  And holy cow do you have a bunch of odd perceptions regarding people without kids, regarding aunts and uncles, regarding what makes a meaningful life.   

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