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Having relationship issues, seeking advice?

My boyfriend and I have been going strong for a little over 4 years now but it’s been a kind of hard recently. I’ve gotten a new job recently, he’s unemployed at the moment so he stays home. (We do live together.) 

Problem is, when I am home he completely forgets about me. He plays video games and talks to people online most of the time, and so when he is I feel like I’m nonexistent. I try to talk to him and he barely responds, if he does. He doesn’t realize I’m around until later, and when he does he starts talking about the game he’s been playing or the strangers he’s been talking to. I’ll ask him what he would like to eat and I’ll either cook or go out to pick up food. When he gets offline It’s usually pretty late and I’m already in bed.

I’m not hating that he plays video games, I’m just tired of being alone. It’s become depressing, and I think about it often. I’m not sure what to do anymore. I don’t like feeling so emotional but it’s hard to control these days lol.

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    Plan some dates out of the house. Surprise him by asking him to come with you on an errand and instead taking him on a weekend getaway staycation (or even just a day out doing fun things exploring new places). Pack him an overnight bag ahead of time, get in the car and drive... He's absorbed in his games because they are more exciting than real life. The way to fix that is to make real life more exciting than his games! (Or alternatively, accidentally spilling your mug of coffee into the modem and shutting down your internet - then calling to reschedule and push back the service technician appointment)

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    Have a serious talk with him about what you are feeling

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    I'd focus on the positives, at least he isn't a cheater or needy and overly possessive like some guys.

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