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Could my perspective of the world be changed?

Sometimes when I'm sitting alone after a long day of buzzing around and smiling and enjoying the moment, a wave of concern passes through me. Concern for my loved ones, for my significant other, for my future. This, I know, is normal and that isn't going to change, but what I'm wondering is whether or not my perspective can change. During these moments of nihilism, I view the world as a sort of hell, where danger lurks behind every corner and every bad thing that could possibly happen, can and will; humanity on a crash course to the end. I want to move to an island in the middle of no where and simply survive. Of course, that's not true at all. Logically I know that, the world we know couldn't have lasted so long if it was, so why do I believe in that idea so strongly? It's like my mind is clouded, 2 dimensional, and I'm always forcing myself to try and clear the haze to see the 3rd dimension, but I can never quite seem to grasp it. There are moments, where I understand the insignificance of everything and that our lives should be filled with joy and that no one really wants to harm anyone else on our spinning rock. Then that moment fades and I'm back to the idea that everything is bad, nothing is good, prepare to protect and to end. I'm not panicking or having any sort of attack during these times, it's more like a shift in mentality. All in all, I was wondering if anyone else feels the same and if they have advice on how to be more positive and less...whatever I am. Thanks.

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    The conscious mind thinks bad thoughts when you are physiologically stressed. Not enough sleep, too much food last night, been working too hard... The chemical imbalance gives rise to the negative thoughts.

    When all is said and done, the reality of life is that you have nothing. Right now as you are reading this, memories are interpreting the words. Memory can be wiped, it is temporary, it isn't real---ask any carer who is nursing someone who has lost their memories, as such people are no longer themselves, they have lost their ability to act.  We were programmed with language, that makes us just the computer. It's not your language, but the language is you. The culture is imprinted upon the mind, and the memories are you. These are just content and content can change in a flash. The husband you thought you had leaves you for a better woman. The children you thought were a part of you overdose. What then? 

    If you can't take a losing hand and begin from scratch, then why not? You began this life as a budding actress (learning to manipulate your parents), learning your lines, fitting into the show. If the show writes you a bum episode, what will you do? Easy, you become another character. You can simply act another part. Why? Because you've been acting all along. None of the life is real, you have no husband, no children etc, it's all a life-cycle thing that the human organism is perpetuating, and the psyche is just an actor or actress playing a role in that life-cycle. 

    In the next life cycle, you will play a slightly different role. You will too be convinced that you are 'you'  and that you have things that belong to you. 

    When you are dying should it be a long death, you will know that you are losing your life and it's contents for ever. In this fear, you will act out a fantasy of afterlife. A place where you can keep what you think is yours. Again, it is just part of the acting game. 

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