Does the  FMV LIFEBOOK AH90/B1 FMVA90B1 work with a usa plug in outlet?

Hello I purchased this laptop  FMV LIFEBOOK AH90/B1 FMVA90B1 on a Japanese proxy site and need to know if it will work with a standard united States outlet? I read that Japanese electronics work on a different voltage. So I am worried I won't be able to use it and it was $1300!!

Also does this have an English keyboard? If someone could answer these questions for me. Thanks 

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  • 2 months ago
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    I don't know about the keyboard.     


    The power supply/charger is most likely a universal type  

    that will operate on any common voltage or frequency  

    available from any household outlet in the world.   

    (Plug adapters cost very little, typically $3 to $5 at the most.)     


    Look at the ratings on the charger.  

    (Yes, the print is small. Use a magnifier.)   

    If it says "100 - 240 V   50 - 60 Hz", you're good to go.    


    Some have a wider frequency range such as 47 to 63 Hz,  

    or even 25 to 400 Hz. The wider the range, 

    the less there is to be concerned about.                                                       



    Do yourself a favour while you can: 

    Write down the part number and the output ratings (voltage and current)*     

    and keep the note where you Can Not lose it.   

    That way, if the charger is ever lost, 

    finding a replacement should be easier.     


    *Many are 19 or 19.5 volts, but this value does vary, 

    and the current might be anything between 750 mA and 6 A.  

    As long as the replacement delivers the same nominal voltage  (+/- 1) 

    and at least as much current as the original, it should work. 

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