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I terminated a contract with the printing vendor for the company I work for and given the contract to another shop?

The old vendor and a few of my coworkers think it was harsh. Am I the jerk?

An employee send a draft markup version of a publication to the printer to make a thousand copies.  The guy at the printer realized a mistake had been made(he told me he knew before he printed), but instead of alerting us, he printed a thousand copies of a worthless document.  Billed us for it and sent itvwith a note that thry can rush the correct version for us.  I told him I felt that was a very unethical thing for him to do and he should have alerted us instead of wasting time, mobey, and resources. 

When we were considering new contract, I blocked them from the process and did not alliw them to even apply for a renewal of their contract. 

Why do some people think it is ok to profit off of errors when they realize before hand that their customer made a mistake?

Now they'll lose a very large customer due to their unethical behavior.  We did pay for the error, but that will he our last order to them.


Sorry, android autocorrect blows.  It learns incorrect words automatically as I type on a tiny keyboard.  Get over the errors.  I'm not proofreading for you guys.

Update 2:

**** you *******.

Update 3:


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    Your employee made the mistake but somehow it's the vendor's fault, hm. I agree that what he did was borderline unethical but it's not his fault your employee made the mistake. 

    Had he not included the note that he could rush the correct version, I wonder if anyone would have even noticed. 

    Seems to me that if this vendor was historically an issue then sure, don't renew the contract. But if the vendor was otherwise responsive and reliable, then I think you just cut off your nose to spite your face. 

    Your update is kind of the nail in the coffin with respect to your are asking a question on a public forum and can't even bothered to make it comprehensible...and then get mad when someone points it out. 

  • 2 months ago

    you are in the right.  

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