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Why do Americans think soccer is feminine?

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    It’s typically played by girls and young kids  in America. Boys play American football and baseball. At least this is traditionally the case, football has become more popular in the States. It could one day be a Big 4 sport, although it’ll never overtake the NFL.

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    Because Americans are stupid.

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    I don't think so. Soccer is the most popular sports in the world to me

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    I don't think that's necessarily the case anymore but there is still lingering bias that is bred during our primary school years.

    During that time the best male athletes are usually guided towards football, basketball and baseball.  Many boys, therefore grow up with the attitude that soccer is something to keep in shape during their off-seasons and that "only girls take it seriously."

    This seems to have changed greatly over the past 20-30 years, especially here in Southern California thanks to the influence of the Hispanic community where boys choose soccer as their primary sport from childhood to high school.

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  • Not American, but when I see soccer players feign injury and roll around like they've been shot when someone comes within a few inches of contacting them, it's not 'gamesmanship' but it's embarrassing.  I grew up playing collision sports (hockey) where you NEVER feign injury. You get hit, you get up and get on with it.  You don't roll around like you're dying.  That's why.  Soccer is a great game, but if they'd start handing out straight red cards to players who do this, you'd make the game a lot better.

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    Do they? It is a fast growing sport in America. They have a national team.

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