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So yesterday I was tested positive for covid I have no other symptoms just a cough so far anyways my cousin was also tested positive but ihis quarantine been up so he is now immune the question I want to know is I haven't seen him forever and he just lost his dad (my uncle) to covid.  He was thinking about coming down on Christmas do you think it will be ok since he is now immune. Obviously I'll take precautions and we'll ask and not be too close to him. 

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  • 2 months ago
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    Be careful by using the term immune to disease. Some people are not immune to infection but can be immune to disease. 

    Your cousin might not get sick but it is unknown whether or not if you infect him again that he might or might not transmit that re-infection to others. You don't state when he was infected and so that is another question still being investigated and that being how long does immunity to disease last. Some people have gotten re-infected and come down with symptoms again. 

    The recommendation for this Christmas is to avoid family get togethers. It's understandable that once a person tests positive and recovers that they think they are immune and want to do things as if COVID doesn't exist anymore to them. The fact is others out there are coming down with infections because people are careless and the ICU's are completely full. Once Christmas hits then rationed care will have to take place and many people will die. 

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    2 months ago

    I recommend you verify your information about covid immunity from a qualified source. Many sources seem uncertain about the duration of an immunity.

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