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Using stretching board as fleshing board?

I am looking forward into learning how to tan animal hides. Specifically racoon as I coon hunt and they are in abundance in my area. One of the items I see online as to being most important when tanning a hide is the fleshing beam or board. Holds it in a spot to where it's easier to cut flesh off. But I only have enough money for a wooden stretcher board and some tanning solution. I have plenty of skinning knives and I think with these I can tan it. Will a stretcher board double as a fleshing board?

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    4 months ago
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    Check the price of Raccoon pelts. I think they are about $28 for prime. Also depends on what climate you are in, that determines the value to a furrier. If(?) you REALLY want some good money, learn how to make "Coon Skin Hats", they top $250 each these days.

    I always wanted a Coyote or Wolf skin hat myself. Ruined the Coyote I shot for that though darn it. (.22/250 at 600 yards was pretty hard on it)

    If you are gonna shoot Raccoons for pelts a shotgun OR .17 caliber rifle is what you use. Check website to see the high prices of a REAL Coon Skin Hat, might be inspiration to learn to make them.

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    Hunting is a cruel thing. It’s Christmas. Don’t hunt!

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