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How can I become  Independent ?

Hey everyone I'm leah I am 22 and i have never been on my own. I don't have job and when I get one i end up quitting because I'm constantly in my mind thinking I'm screwing up. I I'm smart ,but I dropped out of college because my family  needed me it's like I can't do better. I take care of My little brother and sister like I have been doing my whole life . My little brother has a mental illness and I have given up my life to devote it to him and my little sister.  I have a mother with kidney failure and my father has lung disease. I feel overwhelmed because everybody depends on me I can't even spend time with my boyfriend without getting criticized. My mother told me I was obligated to take care of my brother and sister. I really want to be Independent, but I don't know how to be Independent I need to get a grip on life I need some guidance, but I don't know where to start someone please help me.



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    You say you are smart but you aren't acting smart are you.  Quitting college wasn't a good move.  You make up stories for why you quit jobs when you actually need the money a job would give you.  You are someone who constantly makes excuses.  You are still in a childlike frame of mind.  You aren't grown up.  Your mother has given you the responsibility of looking after the children she has produced.  She probably has a similar mindset to you.  She makes her illness a good excuse to dump the kids on you and quit her own responsibility.  time for you to move out of home which for you is toxic.  Unfortunately you will have to be determined to reach this goal.  Get yourself a job you can keep and save up enough money to pay for a new place to stay - perhaps share with a friend who also wants to become independent.  It'll take a while because you are starting from scratch.  You haven't given yourself a head start because you spend too much time just moaning about your misery instead of doing something positive about getting yourself out of it.

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    WQ@hile you can, finish college. There is help, for your ill parents to have someone come and help them. Medicare, medicaid. While you go to school.Many states has no/low income school grants. In time you will have to be guardian to your siblings, so get that schooling while you can, you will need a good job.  And if anything happens to your parents, you siblings will get SS until they finis school. A welfare or social worker can help you.

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    You should be speaking with a close friend, functional family member or some kind of counselor about this, not with random strangers on the internet, leah. Truly, you're in a difficult situation and you really should talk about it to someone you know and trust. Best of luck!

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