How to transfer data from old computer hard drive?

My computer is totally bricked. A new one is on the way. I would like to be able to get files off the old drive. Been looking for cable/adapter that will treat it as an external drive I can plug into new computer via USB. A million exist for 2.5 and 3 inch drives. Mine is a smaller SSD (from a Dell XPS). Any idea what this size drive is even called, let alone where to find an adapter?


P...that’s it! Since I don’t have a computer, trying to search things on my phone has been driving me crazy! Thank you!

Update 2:

Barry...I only see your answer in notifications, but I was able to read it. Cool idea. Will look into that. Thanks!

Update 3:

P or ? or whoever you are - the person I gave best answer to... I couldn't contact you and I doubt you'll come back to this question, but I bought the exact adapter you linked me to, and it worked like a charm! Just wanted to thank you for saving my life (or at least my last version of my 2019 taxes that I hadn't backed up)!

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