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is it possible that the some of the new vaccines actually contained a new strain of the Covid virus? why?

why the area where they first developed and started using it,,is where the new strain has developed?


some think that "they" intentionally spread the 1918 Spanish Flu?

Update 2:

why they would want to PURPOSEFULLY spread this Covid virus?

Update 3:


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    Vaccines are DEAD viruses leaving the fingerprints of the virus.  The human body sees the fingerprint and then begins to produce the ANTIBODIES in vast quantities (the ones that fight infection). That is how your body works. That is for the most common viruses.  Some diseases, the body does not recognize so needs a copy of an effective antibody which we design by chemistry and laboratory.  Trying to make sure it attacks the tiny virus ONLY and does no other damage. The body is like a photocopier and can make the vaccine once it knows the chemical composition.   That is how we eradicated POLIO, by giving every baby a shot throughout the world(this took years to vax everyone but we did it) That disease does not exist anymore as there is no (humans) to infect.

    . The Covid 19 is a new type of virus.  The body is not trained to recognize it as harmful. The Influenza vaccine is modified every year because we know what is coming as Asia is the starting point of the Flu (most of the time). By the time it reaches N.A. we are innoculated against the "latest variant of the flu"

    . They did not know 1/10 the stuff we know now, nor did they have the equipment to actually see a virus is much smaller than can be seen with a regular microscope so they knew nothing about was a theory.

    . With Electron microscopes we can see the "hair" on the back of the virus. It is so much stronger.

    .  Such was the case of the Spanish Flu.  We knew people had it by their symptoms, then they died.  If you want more info. search for "Spanish Flu" in your browser search bar and hit enter and you get to see the Wikipedia pages (Wikipedia is an encyclopedia online that is UP to DATE. It is factual information without ads. Everything about anything is in an Encyclopedia(or have you never visited a Library?) when books were popular?

    . The terminology for searching is "Google it" because "Google" is such a strange word that does not mean anything except "Search for it on the computer."  You don't have to use Google as there are so many search engines we can't remember them all so saying Google it is  a Generic word for internet search.

        Y.A. is not a chat site.  Type in chat site and there are sites that chat on stuff(girls,car, Twinkies,etc).  Pick your poison and join.

    Once you are vaccinated, you smell funny to the virus so it never hitches a ride with you.  It has to infect the driver too. It will never ride with you.

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    covid-19 is nanobot germ warfare a designed WMD

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    2 months ago

    As they found HIV in the vaccine in Australia and the US has suspended the vaccine programme due to serious adverse reactions nothing would surprise me. I won't be having any of their dodgy vaccines that's for sure.

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    2 months ago

    They identified the new variation in September, months before the vaccine. Looks like desperate rewriting of history to scare monger. 

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    No, that is not possible.

    Viruses evolve. They always do. If a variation makes a new version of the virus better at infecting its host, that is the strain of virus that will become dominant. That is all that is happening.

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    There's such a thing as reading too much into coincidence. If vaccinated people were getting sick at a higher rate than the unvaccinated, it'd not go unnoticed.

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    2 months ago

    Viruses mutate. Has nothing to do with these vaccines.

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