Anyone ever heard of Harris vacations cruise scam or legit?

I had won a free cruise for 4 days 3 nights to bahamas for 2 or so I thought it was with a payment of $69.99 for going and coming back off the cruise ship from port of palms in florida per person to Bahamas with a choice from 3 hotel sites and then a fee of $258. I also heard someone else say $200 other fee and then a hotel fee I'm like if it's a free cruise what's with all the fee's I know they said taxes and fees but it's coming out to alot more than just some.

After that she said they would email me about the hotel and choice to choose from after $258 payment fee for they already took the 69.99 per person payment which added up to $280

I just want to know if this place is legit or not can't find much about this cruise place online and I'm booking this for my gf birthday so I don't want any surprises. This is the picture of the form I had filled out at the mall and was called from.

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