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If you have a psychiatric history and it's in your medical records and you have health complaints that are hard to diagnose?

have you had the experience that a lot of doctors will just try to convince you it's all in your head because you have a psychiatric history? Even if your very real symptoms are being caused by brain and body damaging psychiatric drugs they're put you on? What do you you think about this? Articles have even been written about this? Is it fair that people who are already suffering with psychological issues should then have to suffer more from being denied the same level of medical care as others?


Yes ‘anonymous’,  antipsychotic drugs are known to make anxiety worse and even PRECIPITATE ‘psychosis’. Anti-anxiety drugs are known to exacerbate anxiety and anti-depressants are known to exacerbate depression. Whatever the particular class of psychiatric drug is, if you do some research you find out that whatever it is that drug is supposed to treat chances are it’s going to make it worse. I’ve done a lot of research on these drugs. And I’ve also taken them. And was destroyed by them.

Update 2:

I’m also not surprised that psychiatrist told you to run a marathon. They’re sick fvcks. Many are actually on the psychopathic spectrum themselves.

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    Yes i think it's unfair that if you have a history of mental illness doctors will say your physical complaints are in your head. It's true psychiatric drugs can mess with your brain and body. I had to take psychiatric drugs and they made me gain a lot of weight and made me tired and one doctor had the nerve to suggest I should try running a marathon, yeah because that's really going to help with stiff muscles and exhaustion caused by medication. The anti-psychotic drug I'm on also makes my anxiety 1000X worse but the doctors don't believe me. 

    So that's my perspective, I agree with you, I believe doctors should take everyone's complaints seriously and try to get to the bottom of what's causing illness rather than say it's all in someone's mind.

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    Psychosomatic; what is in the head can be pretty powerful and all drugs have side effects. 

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