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I'm getting BSOD "Kernel Data Inpage Error"?

So I just got a brand new SSD with a fresh W10 Home install, and not long after hooking it up, Firefox tabs started crashing over and over, and then BSoD with the kernel error.

I have a HDD plugged up to my PC as well, so I'm not sure if that's causing it. I don't think my RAM is the issue as I've been using W8.1 for 5 years with the same RAM I'm using now and never had issues, but I reseated the RAM into different slots just in case.

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    hope you initialized that new SSD by using mirror software to copy **everything** from the old HDD.  motherboard drivers are required and they'll be copied by the mirror software.  simply formatting SSD won't get the drivers there -- they come from the system maker or mobo maker -- usually free at their website under 'support'.  Lack of correct mobo drivers can cause all sorts of errors and failures ...   -- grampa  {Hint: if you need to get these, ask the system or mobo maker how to install them on an existing drive (your SSD) that already has W10 installed.}

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    Kernel Data Inpage Error suggests to me that one of your memories is incorrectly seated.  You don't say how many memory cards you are using, but if you have four cards and have them set up for TWO-way interleave, and your system boots up but THEN crashes, then the two memories that are "high address" memories have the problem.  However, to be safe, pull the RAMs one at a time to reseat ALL of them very carefully.

    The SSD is unlikely to be the primary culprit because if IT was badly hooked up, you would not be able to boot at all.  If you get far enough to see Firefox tabs, your problem is in things that start expanding your memory usage.  Browser tabs that stay open while opening other tabs are a prime candidate for that memory usage profile.

    I'm guessing a bit here, but it sounds like memories might have been "jogged" a little when the SSD was installed.

    The other question is whether your memory cards are all the same size, because if they are not, then there is where your problem lies.  If the RAMs are not balanced properly, you will have addressing gaps somewhere and that would EASILY cause the Kernel Data Inpage Error.

    BTW:  "Data Inpage Error" means you were swapping something into memory that had been outswapped.  BUT if it outswapped OK, then where it was outswapped from was not faulting.  And Windows picked someplace else to INSWAP, and that memory is the part that failed.

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    As "Mr. Spock" mentioned, you did not create your new SSD properly if it's being used to boot up your system.  If you're using the new SSD as a 2nd drive -- that's ok.  


    In fact, your new SSD should have come with some software to allow you to make a copy of your current drive onto the new one. THAT'S how you ensure you get all of the proper drivers for your system and your peripherals.  If you really are using a "new W10 Home" install, then you'll need to manually visit the manufacturer's site and download all drivers for your system's model AND Win 10 Home.   


    After that, you'll also need to run the Windows Update step 900 times in order to pull down any missing maintenance that came out between today and the creation date of your release of Win 10 Home.  Just keep clicking 'Check for Updates' over and over until no more items are downloaded & installed.  Only then will your system be up to date.  That's also a good time to back up your system so that you don't have to do all of that again should your system crash.

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    How to Fix a Kernel Data Inpage Error

    > Inspect and reseat your memory modules.  In some circumstances, the problem can be caused by improperly seated memory modules.

    > Inspect and reseat your hard drive cables.

    > Test your memory.

    > Test your hard drive.

    > Unplug hardware peripherals.

    > Run a virus scan.

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    Is the one you have on the original, if not you must format and install the proper OS!

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