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Why do sounds seem to mush together when I start getting anxious?

Weird question, I know, but doctor's visits are expensive so this is the next best thing. So I have diagnosed with general anxiety, and I've been a little too confused with myself to actually ask my doctor about this but when I start feeling very anxious, everything just kind of jumbles together into an indiscernible mess. 

For example, If I'm at work and we get hit with a rush, and I start getting really anxious and can't get a chance to walk away to calm myself down, then I literally won't be able to understand words being spoken to me. I know they're speaking English but it sounds completely alien to me. All of the beeps and whirrs of all our restaurant equipment blend together into this constant inescapable roar. I just want to walk out and never come back but my anxieties always get in the way, so I always just stay and get tortured until the end of my shift.

I feel like it may be something related to misophonia, but I don't like to self-diagnose, and getting some help from strangers online could help put my mind at ease so I don't think I'm starting to go crazy.

Anything helps! Even dumb jokes will at least put a smile on my face :)

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    You sound brilliant and creative and are probably on the high end of the autistic spectrum ...Aspergers-ish...with the concomitant high trait anxiety, hyper-acute sensory perceptions and other components that go along with that. You’re obviously ‘wired’ differently as autists usually are, and you might want to celebrate your uniqueness and brilliance, rather than try to conform to some arbitrary and monochromatically dull way of viewing the world known as “normal” ... instead of appreciating all the rainbow colored hues of an existence you’ve been specially granted the privilege to witness by your creator, which many people of the people you have to endure the company of in your workplace are too blind to even notice, since their senses are so dulled compared to your own. There will be many people who will not ‘get’ you in this life and only a few who will appreciate your uniqueness. The latter are the ones you must clasp to your bosom with hoops of steel. Just ignore the rest; or they will pull you down into their miserable and empty world. 

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    No, I think it's as simple as blood sugar and insulin balance. 

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