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do you agree with this general who says the us army should have shorter deployments in line with the other branches?

this general James McConville is basically saying that us army deployments now are too long and there is talk of shortening them like the other branches.

 "“Nine-, 10-month deployments, year-after-year, [put a] strain on families, so we’re looking for opportunities to reduce those lengths.”""I certainly would like them less than what they are right now, especially for the non-combat deployments,” McConville said. “Combat ones are different. It makes a lot of sense to have people there [longer], but some of our other deployments could be shorter.""do you agree that army should have shorter deployments than the minimum of nine months that it has now, and should be in line with the six month deployments of other branches? or do you think that the army should keep having the longest deployments of the military branches?

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    The way that most of the Army deploys, they can actually get away with shorter deployments, especially the non-combat ones.

    Since most of the Army deploys in fairly large units, they usually have mission-specific spin up training and interaction with the units they are replacing ahead of the deployment.  That also places strain on home life, but it also means they spend less time learning the ropes once they get there.  Also, some of these deployments are simply putting warm bodies in eastern European or Asian countries as a show of force to adversaries and a show of solidarity to our allies, so it's not like they need to develop the deep relationships with the locals that they needed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In fact, more of those deployments need to be turned into permanent assignments, although that starts getting expensive when they turn into accompanied tours.

    Contrast that with the Air Force.  The average Airman deploys as part of a small team, that combined with other small teams form expeditionary squadrons.  If they are lucky, they get a week or two of predeployment training with some of the people that they are going to be deployed with and the AF has effectively managed with mostly 6 month deployments, with 3 or 4 month deployments for some flying units.  One advantage of this method is that you don't see large groups rotated in and out together, so just like a normal duty assignment, you have some continuity maintained.  

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    Especially when those soldiers are deployed over and over again, while other soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia aren't deployed in combat.

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