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Anonymous asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Shopping · 4 months ago

How to write my note like native English speakers? ?

{ Dear Dairy Queen ,at OH-39, Millersburg, OH, 

Our hot dogs were burnt up and tasted like they microwaved, the blizzards not made correctly, they were incorrect blizzards. I order one blizzard to have M&M’s in it, but it come with Oreo instead. I think what is happening is the drive thru is full, and when it getting full, the employees are starting to panic and the quality of the food starts getting worse because they panicking. Everything is made in a big rush and it really shows! I witnessed 2 cars leave the drive thru behind me while I was waiting. Your manager is very nice and handling things appropriately and did a good job. The manager said, “here, have some coupons for free stuff” but I rejected the coupons. I am not attempting to get a free meal, that’s not me. I want you to improve your service, so that’s the reason I gave you a review telling you this things. Good luck in the future. Don’t panic and it’s not good to microwave peoples food, nobody wants microwaved food. Thanks }

Help me to sound like native English speakers. 

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    First off, you need to send your note to Dairy Queen's Corporate office (find them on line).  IF you send your letter directly to the store in question, you will only be sending it to a manager you have already complained to... and there will be a lesser chance of getting results.

    That said.. how about this:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    re:  Dairy Queen Store #(____) - OH-39, Millersburg, OH   [check your receipt if you still have it for the store number and fill it in]

    This letter is written to bring substandard service and error issues to your attention.

    Over several trips, I have noticed order accuracy drops off significantly during peak times or rushes.  Service also slows at the drive through to a point where potential customers leave the back of the line.

    An order error recently experienced have included wrong ingredients on a Blizzard order.   Also it appears mircowaves are being used to heat items like hot dogs - however a recent order for dogs were burnt (over microwaved).

    While my experience with store management has been pleasant and they have been very professional in trying to compensate me for the bad experiences, I am not seeking "free" products.  I am more concerned about improving the service: doing so will benfit customers and the store.

    Thank you in advance for your time and attention to these issues.

    Kind regards,


    Hope this helps you.   Please note however:  these issues are common from time to time at ANY high volume store, espeically in fast food.   Employee change over is extremely high and management is constantly "training in" new staff.   A certain level of human error will always happen, no matter how perfect everyone endeavors to be. 

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    I agree that you should send this to the corporate office. Don't post it as a review.  Second, you are probably right about them being overwhelmed at busy times. Drive through restaurants are doing better during the pandemic, but they are having real problems getting workers, since people don't want to put their lives at risk to serve you a milkshake. Be a little more understanding. Is it really that big a deal to have Oreos rather than M&Ms in your (very unhealthy) blizzerd?

    Also, you are not going to get fast food restaurants to stop using the microwave. If you want food prepared properly, you're going to have to pay a little more. 

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