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Rush Limbaugh: "Democrats are behind these bombings because Republicans just don't do that kind of thing"?

Did Rush forget about the 41 abortion clinics bombed by right wing extremists since 1977?


Or the Oklahoma City bomber?


Or the Atlanta bomber?


Or the MAGA bomber?


Or the Austin bomber?

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    Limbog very directly caused the OK bombing by ranting about the FBI and ATF for months before it happened, saying they were coming to "get everybody's guns" and would help the UN invade the US with "black helicopters" seen in Florida.  I heard it with my ears every day right before it happened and I knew somebody would act on his marching orders.

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    Political extremist on both sides tend to resort to violence!

    For example not all of those who are for taking care of our environment are eco-terrorist. That said there are those the FBI classify as eco-terrorists.

    So when Rush blames only blaming Democrats, I have to call foul!

    When some one starts spouting off that the conservatives are the source of all terrorism I also have to call it a foul.

    For the record sense 1970 there have been over 2600 terrorist attacks in the USA. Of those you claim 41 were of abortion clinics. This could be used to imply that the other 2549 were done by democrats. For the record I don't think that is true. But it does show that the conservatives are less of a threat then other groups in the USA.

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    Limbaugh was speaking about the bombs being sent to Democrats in 2018 in response to Trump's inflammatory language directed at "liberals".  Turns out, of course, that all the bombs were sent by a Trump supporter.  You Putin-paid trolls can look up "Cesar Sayoc" for all the sordid details.  Just another time Limbaugh was 100% incorrect.

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  • Sam
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    3 months ago

    No one with a brain watches Rush.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Wow, back to 1977?

    The Okla City bomber was as much against Republicans as he hated Bill Clinton.

    He said as much.

    It was the Republicans in Oklahoma that put him to death, the left wanted him unharmed.

  • 3 months ago

    Rush makes up a lot of his own facts.

  • Sadcat
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    3 months ago

    I’m sure Rush would blame Democrats for all domestic terrorism no matter how obviously false his claims were. The man has zero credibility except among a group of fringe kooks that are also the very people likely to attempt right wing terrorist acts. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    When he can longer spew his lies and hate America will be a better place.

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