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Is it normal for someone with OCD to have autistic like symptoms but not be autistic ?

I am obsessive obviously if OCD but I have obsessions that are not the anxiety driving ones only. I have those definitely, but I also have obsessions like remembering what I hear in a news broadcast and memorizing the words if I watch the broadcast over and over (and doing just that). A fascination with names of people I have met. When I was in high school I made lists of names of former students. I only stopped when a student teased me that others thought it was a hit list. Now it is ancestry I get fascinated with. Not just my family tree but others family trees. And pictures of people I know or have met off of Facebook. 


I have to be careful as some of this can get stalkish. My parents have cautioned me as well about that aspect to it and I have an abusive sister who has bullied me about it. 


So is it normal with OCD to have these characteristics when I am not autistic? The counselor and psychiatrist have both said I am way to socially involved (personable) to be autistic and indeed I am a big talker (ADHD is one of my diagnosis). Yet, I read about these obsessive traits and it is a lot like me. Another trait is I can tell you where I was on almost any date in various years of my childhood (not adulthood). 


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    I have autism and ADHD and I'm loud, sociable (some of time anyway) and very talkative. My mental health team didn't spot my autism and it was my doctor that referred to a specialist autism assessment team and they could tell within minutes. My best friend's autism was also missed by mental health services and she had no idea until I told her and she was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. You definitely have autistic traits and it's worth taking the online AQ50 test

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