How long did it take to make the new Coronavirus Vaccine and is it safe?

As Stated above. Is it safe? Will it work? Who should get the Vaccine first? People with underlying conditions? The Elderly? Kids? Thanks in advance! 😊

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  • 3 months ago
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    how long?.. first of all, there are at least 90 different COVID-19 vaccines in human trials and only 4-5 vaccines were given to the general public outside the human trial groups.. if you are asking is COVID-19 vaccine safe? my answer would be 'which one?!"..` `


    a new vaccine used to take 10-20 years back in the 1960s or in the 1970s, but we are in 2020.. is COVID-19 vaccine a new vaccine that "no one has used it on humans or animals"?  only an ignorant would say that and would not know that the mRNA vaccine technology was used before to produce the SARS coronavirus vaccine.. Johnson&Johnson's have used the mRNA technology for the Zika virus vaccine and for the Ebola vaccine in late 1990s to late 2010s.. the DNA vaccine technology was recently used for the MERS coronavirus vaccine in mid 2010s.. and the Adenovirus vaccine technology was used to produce drugs and vaccines for more than 50 years!!.. only an ignorant person would say that COVID-19 vaccines are based on new technology.. `


    in fact, countries like India, Kazakhstan, Japan, Thailand and the governments of Canada and Quebec, are producing their own unique COVID-19 vaccines that is completely different and fully independent from the Big Pharma's vaccines.. some made from Tobacco leaves and some made from Malaria and TB vaccines (based on something called 'Cross Immunity')..

    and because of the similarities between the MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV), and the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) with the COVID-19 coronavirus (better known as SARS-CoV-2), the mRNA, DNA, Vector and partial/whole killed virus vaccines were adopted (from previous vaccines) in the fight against the new COVID-19 coronavirus (better known as SARS-CoV-2).. 


    let's talk about the mainstream COVID-19 vaccines often mentioned in the mainstream media.. we have the American/multi-national Pfizer, Maderna and Johnson&Johnson's COVID-19 vaccines that are mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (similar but different), the British/Swedish AstraZeneka that is a DNA vaccine.. the Chinese CanSino and the Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccines, that are vector vaccines using different Adenovirus.. the other 2 Chinese vaccines from Sinovac and CNBG's vaccines that are "whole" killed coronavirus vaccines (different from each other).. and the other Russian COVID-19 vaccine EpiVakKorona that is made from a crushed virus "partial-antigen-vaccine".. all these "mainstream" vaccines are said to cause no side effects from the vaccine itself.. few actually got COVID-19 while vaccinated (very few).. and one patient got severe COVID-19 while being vaccinated - in a combined number of more than 140,000 volunteers for these new COVID-19 vaccines.. `


    Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine came in the news as the FIRST western vaccine to be released to the general public in the WEST.. but in the east, some of the vaccines were given to general public for different circumstances.. the first recipient of Pfizer vaccine was a 91 years old lady and an 80 years old gentleman (his name is (and i i **** you not) is William Shakespeare.. it's true!!)



    the American/multinational Pfizer in collaboration with the German BioNTech, had 43,000 volunteers in the human trials (equally divided into vaccine and placebo groups), and unfortunately, those people were not locked in cages nor chained to hospital beds, and they were not forced to kiss COVID-19 positive patients (of course not, because that would be wrong and a crime severely punishable by international and local laws).. those people went back to their day-to-day life.. and within days.. 8 vaccinated people from the vaccine group becoming COVID-19 positive, compared to 162 who were NOT vaccinated and from the placebo group.. so the Vaccine efficacy (VE) = (162-8)÷162 x100 = 95% .. few weeks ago, the VE was 90%, but within days, more people from the placebo group got COVID-19, and this is why the current VE for Pfizer's vaccine was updated to 95%..

    this is the BEST way to conduct such research/experiment without breaking any laws.. and most quality control agencies around the world, like the FDA and the CDC, take a minimum VE 60% to be effective.. and trust me, this is NORMAL folks!!

    30,000 people were involved in Moderna's vaccine trials, and later 11 people from the Moderna's vaccine group became COVID-19 positive, while 185 people from the placebo group became COVID-19 positive.. so the effectiveness rate (or the Vaccine efficacy VE or the efficacy) = (185-11)÷185 x100 = 94%..

    people take AstraZeneka's VE as a proof of deception.. but only those who do not read the published papers would not understand what's going on.. in Brazil, they gave 2 shots at 100% of dose to 9,000, and they got the VE of 67%, but later in the UK, they gave half of the dose 50% in the first shot and a full dose at the second shot 100% and the VE was 90%.. the human trials for Astrazeneka's vaccine is still ongoing in the US, of which one group would receive the 100%&100% shots and another group receives 50%&100% shots.. AstraZeneka is very much in human trials - it is NOT done yet..

    in the east.. Russia's vaccines, Sputnik V and EpiVakKorona, had received a lot of criticism; first because Russia is not in the sharing mood about their 2 vaccines - there is a lot that we DO NOT know about the 2 Russian vaccines.. they claim that their vaccine is safe, that the VE is above 90% and none of the volunteers got serious side effects from the vaccine.. also.. Russia was criticized for giving the 2 COVID-19 vaccines to the general public (some sources say 100,000 people already got the vaccine) including the Russian Federation leader, President Vladimir Putin, who was vaccinated with Sputnik-V along with his 2 daughters.. it is important to remember that the 2 Russian vaccines are still in human trials - just like AstraZeneka.. one report says that Russia has already began distributing the vaccines to the general public since late August 2020 - the only real obstacle to the 2 Russian vaccine is the fact that they are unable to produce the 2 vaccines fast enough..

    the Chinese are also super secretive about their COVID-19 vaccines from the 3 main competing firms: Sinovac, CNBG and CanSino.. we know that tens of thousands of soldiers of the Chinese Red Army were given COVID-19 vaccines, and we know that there are at least 100,000 volunteers in human trials from South America, the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia..

    is it safe? every COVID-19 vaccine mentioned here are said to be safe.. SinoVac claims that 90% of its staff were vaccinated with its COVID-19 vaccine.. and many members of the Russian cabinet were vaccinated with Sputnik V - including Vladimir Putin.. all these vaccines claim to score more than 90% VE (remember the FDA would approve a vaccine with VE 60% or higher) and if you are wondering why the bar is so low?! well because.. because more than 2000 Americans die from COVID-19 every 24 hours and at least 1 American die from COVID-19 every 60 seconds.. and that person can be you, your loved ones and someone you know..

    but i admit.. few people do get COVID-19 after they were vaccinated with a promising COVID-19 vaccine.. and that is also expected.. in my country, we were told by our government that other mandates, like wearing-mask, social distancing and maybe other measures like isolation, quarantine, travel-ban and lock-downs, may continue for another 1-2 years even after everyone had got vaccinated with COVID-19.. vaccines are no more important than hand-washing, social-distancing, mask-wearing and all other measures.. and we should adopt all measures to overcome this pandemic..`



    any national vaccination program will require at least 90% to be successful - to achieve the herd immunity.. at least 90% of any community should be vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine to us to return to normal.. except those who recently recovered from COVID-19 (if they managed to survive the illness, they would be immune against the virus), except those who are currently having COVID-19 (a vaccine is like distributing pictures of known criminals at airports, sea-ports and land points of entry to prevent those criminals from entering the country.. it is meaningless if those criminals are already inside the country), and except those who are too ill, too weak or too frail to receive a vaccine, including pregnant mothers and premature young babies..

    those who have priority to receive it are health-care workers (doctors, nurses, hospital/clinic staff, home-care-workers) because they come in close contact with a lot of people (many who are very ill, too old and/or too weak).. the elderly and people with comorbidities (like Asthma and COAD) who are at higher risk of deaths.. and essential workers like the police and the firefighters - again because of close contact to people..

    in addition to the insufficient amounts of vaccine available to people in the next few months.. there is a plan to rotate the vaccine in the mentioned group so that not all people would get the vaccine at the same time.. this is what many have wrongly reported in the news that "40% of healthcare workers do not want the vaccine or half of the firefighters will not get the COVID-19 vaccine".. first you need to understand that a vaccine (any vaccine) has the common side-effects of vaccination - this includes fever, muscle ache (myalgia), itchiness, pain at the injection site, lethargy, nausea and many others.. not all doctors at the same hospital will be vaccinated at the same time, or else we would risk that all doctors at that hospital will fall ill at the same time..

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