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How many states are now on the Trump lawsuit against the states of MI, WI, PA, & GA? (18? 24? how many?)?

which republican states are left to join and why they have not already joined probably?

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    At this point, only Texas is on the lawsuit against Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.  

    Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Utah have asked to be allowed to join Texas on the lawsuit (as has Donald Trump and some other folks), but the Supreme Court has not yet granted them permission to join.

    Those same six states (and eleven other states) jointly filed an amicus brief indicating their support for Texas's position.

    Ohio and Arizona have apparently taken a position in support of neither party -- essentially requesting that the Supreme Court consider the case but not agreeing that Texas has a right to the relief being sought.

    As of this point, Idaho, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and Wyoming have not filed anything yet on the Republican side.  I am doubtful that New Hampshire will file anything.  I am not sure why the other three have not joined although in the case of Idaho and Wyoming it might have to do with the strong view of state autonomy in those two states.

    On the other hand, nineteen states and three territories joined in an amicus brief supporting the four states.

    So for now, the count is twenty-three states opposing Supreme Court doing anything in the case; eighteen wanting the Supreme Court to decide the election, and two wanting the Supreme Court to take the case and give an advisory opinion for future elections with seven states (and two territories) saying nothing.  Of course, the Supreme Court does not care how many people join particular briefs.  The Supreme Court only cares about the merits of the argument. 

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    The number is increasing. Many States want this issue resolved and also want to propel all State Legislatures toward dealing with the issues created before any future elections are held.

    I do know Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Utah are among the first to sign on. Of course we can't forget Texas, who started this lawsuit.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Blues -- TX denied dominion machines to be used. So they're different. They could sense the fraud.

    Also TX is solid red. The sued states are not solid blue, so there is reason to doubt the outcome.

    No one disputes TX result -- not even dems.

    As to the Q, about all the red states have joined besides only few -- IA one of them. 

  • Mark
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    It does not matter.  whether 1 or 40, it is the same suit, so the numbers are irrelevant.  Besides the 11 Amendment says that States cannot bring a suit against each other, so it will get tossed.

    @Anon - this Texas suit has nothing to do with Dominion voting machines.  Secondly, every hand count has shown that Dominion machines were accurate, so that too is a big nothing burger.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Just one, the state of DENIAL.

  • 3 months ago

    About 20 states have joined with Amicus briefs AGAINST Texas.

    Funny thing: Texas Gov Abbott issued a proclamation extending early voting & acceptance of early mail ballots by a week due to Covid.  In other words, Texas is guilty of what they accuse other states of doing!   D'oh!!!

  • Matt
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    3 months ago

    18, and it wouldn't matter how many it was, it's going to be thrown out without being heard 

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