i've been sick for months, please help?

August I began to get persistent fevers with no symptoms. My body temp is usually really low (96) and suddenly I started getting fevers. Wasn't COVID or any of the other various things i was tested for. I just assumed it was stress and moved on. But then two months ago I began to get terrible sore throats and fatigue. I then noticed that my lingual tonsils were swollen, as well as the ones in my throat. And I also noticed I had strawberry tongue. I went in, they said tonsillitis but didn't put me on antibiotics because I catch c. diff really easily. I went in another place in early November and it wasn't mono or strep. Last week I went in and a strep test came back positive, but while certain symptoms (rash) have started to disappear with the amoxicillin, my tonsils and lymph nodes are still swollen and that fever is still going. I have terrible body aches and no appetite. I'm 6 days into the antibiotic. My question is: what could possibly be going on? I plan on seeing an ear, nose, and throat doctor this friday but I really can't figure this out and don't know what could be going on.


forgot to mention this july I had a large ovarian cyst (no surgery done) and I also had a wisdom tooth surgery that I really struggled to recover from. Took me a month to eat solids again. I dont know if those could be related at all, but I just figured i'd specify.

Update 2:

I have not done covid antibodies, my mother had covid in july but i tested negative at the time! I also havent gotten leukemia blood work done.

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  • 3 months ago
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    Have you had covid antibody tests done?

    In as short as 8 days, the active virus may no longer be at detectable levels.  

    Have you had blood for leukemia? 

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