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What should I do with this?

I have this turtle that was taken from the wild. He is getting big. I think he will need to be released back into the wild, but I am concerned since it has been in captivity for so long it might not know how to survive.

For the record, I adopted it from someone else. I'm not the one who took it.


It was taken near a spring in Florida. It’s going to get BIG.

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    That depends on the type of turtle. If it isn't a red-eared slider, you MIGHT be able to find someone who has the ability to keep it. Whatever you do, do not release it in the wild. I've seen populations of threatened and endangered species in trouble because someone decided to release a RES that got too large for him to keep. And someone else followed suit. and someone else. All it takes is one male and one female and you have the death of a valuable population. The problem is not that your turtle couldn't survive; the problem is that it could survive and could reproduce. 

    When you adopted your turtle, you took on responsibility for it. Start looking around for ways to keep it. Possibly the cheapest housing is a child's wading pool. You might have to ring it with wire mesh for some turtles, though. Or you could do what I have done. A student caught a snapping turtle during the summer of 1964 and gave it to me in 1965. It has outgrown all my aquariums and resides in a bathtub. It's not that I have an emotional attachment to it; the turtle is the oldest-known common snapper - - ever, even if you don't count the time before capture. If you do count my estimate of its age, it is 61. When I got it, it was barely mature and I estimated that it had been born in 1959, give or take a year.

    In other words, change your plans. Either arrange to keep it or contact a pet-rescue or (unless it is a RES) a zoo. It is against the law to release it.

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    It will be fine, just make sure it is native to the area it is to be released. Turtles are wild animals and they never lose their instincts that they need to survive in the wild. They act the same way in captivity as they do in the wild. 

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    If it’s native to the area is not going to loose instincts because you had it.  I’d say keep it though 

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    No. You are correct. It will not survive in the wild anymore. Just create an enclosed area for him and keep him well fed with lots of water.

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