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When COVID-19 vaccines become available, and if you walk into a public place without a mask, and if you have had it what will employees say?

if you go into a place, and you have had the vaccine, and if you don’t wear a mask inside a store, The question is, how will employees/employers or managers of the store let you in if you’re not wearing a mask if they don’t know you which they obviously don’t?

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    First..  Vaccines are NOT 100% immunity.   Even if you had been vaccinated, you can still become infected..   The point of vaccines is more for herd immunity.    The more people with an immunity, the less the spread.

    I dont forsee mask policies being lifted until summer.   Once most of the population has at least had a chance to be vaccinated and cases are on a steady decline, then the mandates will be lifted.

    Mask mandates wont be based on who has or hasnt been vaccinated..  It will be based on overall rates of infection within the community.

    Majority of the population wont have access to the vaccine until spring... 

    The first round of vaccines will be for residents of nursing homes and long term care facilities, workers at those facilities, and healthcare workers.

    After that it will be those who are at highest risk..  Such as the elderly.

    Healthy young adults and children will be among the last to have access.

    Its a matter of production..  The vaccines will only be available in limited numbers as its produced.   Its just not possible to produce enough in a short time for everyone.

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    They'll tell you to leave. Businesses don't want to lose their licenses.

  • David
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    3 months ago

    We will probably get vaccination certificates that you can waive in their face.

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    You will still be required to wear a mask, it takes time for the vaccine to work 

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  • Sally
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    3 months ago

    We will still need to wear a mask after getting the vaccine because it doesn't take effect right away.  The CDC will instruct us about it.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Wear a mask.      

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