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Unemployment Insurance question?

I got laid off because of Covid, I started working a temporary position for a while. ( I still had remaining weeks to claim on my pandemic unemployment assistance). Apparently I wasn't fast enough for them, and the temporary position let me go for not making enough phone calls..adding insult to injury. Am I now able to claim for any remaining weeks I had from my original claim where I was laid off due to Covid?


So you're saying I have to file a new claim because I can't use my original claim anymore, if I'm on PUA? But then I am confused because you're also saying you should be eligible for unemployment unless you were fired for gross misconduct. Did you just mean regular UI? I understand but what about seasonal people, or people on temporary assignments? They are not going to be able to wait that long to start a new claim all over again...

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    No.  You would have to open a brand new claim, based on - oh - they fired you.  Your luck has run out.

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    Probably.  The rules vary from state to state, but you typically get to claim until one year from when you originally filed your claim, or until you run out of weeks, whichever comes first.  (You can only claim one remaining week each week; you can't claim them all right now.)  However, you would be receiving the normal weekly rate; you cannot claim the $600 extra, which is no longer available to anyone.

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    Yes - you are able to re-start your unemployment

    No - you don't start a new claim.

    You re-open your existing claim.

    If you did not meet the requirements for regular UI, you won't now (didn't have enough income, job longevity, etc).  People on regular UI can be seasonal or temps = they just have to meet income and job longevity requirements.

    If you are on PUA, you need to look for a new job immediately. PUA ends at the end of Dec (at this point, likely to get extended but who knows).Anonymous is incorrect about a lot of stuff:

    - Even if you have PERFECT job performance, if you haven't worked long enough or earned enough income to qualify for UI.

    - People who are let go for job performance (don't do a good job but try) are eligible for UI. 

    - People who loose their job because they are late/miss work, insubordinate, etc are not eligible for UI.

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    3 months ago

    You would be eligible if you were fired due to COVID.   It sounds like you were fired for performance issues.

    In my state they can't deny you unemployment unless you were fired for gross misconduct.   I wouldn't call "going too slow" gross misconduct.

    File but don't lie.   As long as you're honest, the worst that could happen is that your claim is denied. 

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