Why are Gender deniers for  encourage little kids mental illness?

GD should be ban from being anywhere near kids and no kids under 17 shouldn't be allow to take blockers and crossgender hormones that child abuse


@xxx000au no you are educate but Brain wash unlike you I know two cases where moms try to brain wash their sons into thinking their girls. They brain wash their Sons into that. I want to ban that. That child abuse and kids under 17 are not old enough to drink beer they are not old enough to take blockers and crossgender hormones those could also hurt kids

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    1 month ago
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    Yes we need to ban that child abuse it's wrong . ueah

  • 1 month ago

    We do no such thing, I for one would not wish this, on anyone! Ii is a congenital condition. (developed before birth!)

  • 1 month ago

    Answer:   People who are educated on the subject do not agree. 

    Additional detail: 

    I suspect you see no issue with a child being circumcise or baptising a baby and then brainwashing them with religious dribble plus demonstrating predigest and bigotry and political views.

    Just let me assure you of something. 

    NO child is going to seek such services if they don't have a need for them.  Those that do will have parents who are sensitive to such needs and so will fully explore the options and seek support long before even considering looking into medical intervention.    You do get that blockers and hormones need to be taken regularly and if you stop they effect stops.   

    Therefore even if the parents and medical professionals did miss judge the circumstances,  stop taking them and its over.     All that said,  before anyone can do any of this,  there are long and involved assessments of the person.

    You can't just walk into the doctor, announce,  give me the pills and lets snip down there.  

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