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Is my boyfriend toxic? ?

Lately I’ve been kinda worried about my relationship. My boyfriend was upset because I didn’t want him to look through my camera roll so he tried to take my phone from me. I told him I just had embarrassing pictures, but he said since we are dating we should share everything and have no secrets. He said he could take my phone if he really wanted to, but he’s “nice”. He said I always get my way because I wouldn’t show him. He threatened to “blackmail” me by saying he was going to post embarrassing pictures he had of me on his social media, but never actually did it. Finally I showed him and he started apologizing and saying he was scared because he didn’t want me to think our relationship is toxic. Do you think it is?? Later that night after he left I texted him and asked him not to try to blackmail me again. He said his “blackmail” wasn’t serious and he would never actually do that. Then he said he always makes mistakes or does something wrong. He said I don’t trust him or care about him enough, which isn’t true. He also says I’m gullible and will make bad decisions if he’s not with me (like drinking or smoking), so he made me promise not to get drunk without him. 

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    sounds like he could be

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    I wouldn't waste another minute of my time with this guy, who sounds weird , controlling, insecure, I don't know what all, but not a healthy person. And YOU, you should not be sharing or posting any "intimate" pictures on line or giving them to anyone else, including boyfriends, unless you are willing to tolerate having them shared with strangers, future employers , and who knows who else. Once they're on line....

    If anyone threatened to "blackmail" me, seriously or not, he would be gone from my life, instantly.

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    Controlling, toxic, bordering on abusive. Calling you gullible and likely to make bad decisions when he's not around is also a huge red flag.

    Do yourself a huge favor and run from this creep. His mind games and attempts to control you with threats of blackmail will only get worse. You deserve better.

  • 1 month ago

    Not sure about toxic but the guy sounds super needy, which is probably going to get really old, really soon. I wouldn't give up on him yet, but if this starts to annoy you, then maybe it would be time to move on.

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