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Are women practice hypergamy and jump the ship whenever there is an opportunity even if the current relationship or marriage is good?

I'm perplexed because I see women who stay with men who are considered no good (abusive, manipulative, no job, no money, no value) but then some say that women will cheat even if the relationship or marriage is satisfying for one reason or another


Anonymous: Wow I'm sorry about the impulsive married man wanting to "chase" I'm not like that at all. I wouldn't waste my time "chasing" I'd invest that time to develop myself more.

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    Women are individuals. You can't generalize. Some people are cheaters, some are not. Some get trapped in abusive relationships, some don't.

    The same goes for men. I had a married man hit on me at a bar once. He'd taken off his wedding ring and everything, but unfortunately for him, I knew who he was (an ex-boyfriend's very married boss). So, I called him out on it, and we actually had a talk about why he cheated. Turns out that he loved his wife, had a great marriage, but he couldn't resist the thrill of the chase. I guess it was the same with my ex-boyfriend. He'd slept around like it was nobody's business. When I found out and left him, he cried and cried, begging me to stay. I found out several years later from mutual friends that he still considers me the one who got away. Still couldn't keep it in his pants, though.

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