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Why do I always think of when she defended me?

At work I met a girl. The first time we saw each other it was weird cause both of us kept staring at the other and she looked away like I was nothing, and everytime I smiled at her she just didn't react the way I expected. As time went by she asked me for help one day and things improved, she started even being happy when she saw me. Then one day a guy made her trip with his foot and she fell with all the boxes she was carrying, getting hurt on the knee. She started a verbal fight with the guy, who said he did nothing but I saw him and told the supervisor but he didn't believe me. Everyday I saw her being more tired and sad. When the guy with a taller friend didn't want to let her go through the hallway I interved and told them to leave her alone but the guy kept on provoking me and we started to fight and when his friend helped him she threw herself on him to hit him, I mean, he was a giant in comparison to her to take him off from me. When the supervisor came he saw the four of us fighting and fired all of us. As we stayed there on the sidewalk waiting at the stop she told me she was sorry for getting me fired and she told me she was going to find another job for me. She almost cried and all I could think of was 'the girl I love is crying for me, she jumped on him to defend and screamed don't touch him'. And I also thought she hated me. I just can't realize she likes me. It's like a dream coming true...

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    Great. You win 'moronic troll of the week' award, hands down. Grats.

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