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Would this be creepy ?

I work behind a desk as a security guard / receptionist. There is this guy who swings by my desk to drop papers off for his binder almost everyday. He is aware that I like him and he’s tried talking to me a couple of times. I was always way too shy around him. He seems pleased that I like him and seems interested in me too. Now I have left my job so I no longer get to see him. He doesn’t know my name but I know his. We never exchanged anything more than a hi , how are you? 

I have found him on Facebook. If I send him a message , would that be creepy? We don’t know each other at all. He doesn’t even work in the organization.

I dont want him to think I stalked him 


@anonymous , he was interested. He tried talking to me multiple times to try to get to know me but I was too shy so I shut him down. He really liked me 

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    2 months ago

    Don't flat out lay everything on the line. But I think you should engage his interests and while hes really deep into a conversation then you should say wow youre really passionate about this we should go out on a date and talk about it some more. Not only does this work really well but I can break it down to you why it works so well. First youre making him aware of his passion and then he confuses those feelings for feeling passion towards you and by asking him on the date your affirming to him that the passion is real and that its there, hes not just imagining or confusing his feelings. Its a bit manipulative but trust me if you really like him then its worth it because its not like youre manipulating him to cause him harm. Manipulation in love is not that bad of a thing imo. 

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    2 months ago

    he knew you liked him, yet he didn't do anything about it. because he wasn't that interested. because if he was, he would have gotten your contact information. let it go...

    so you fcked up. you shut him down. you have no one to blame but yourself... now it'll just be really awkward if you do message him. stop giving people mixed signals. how will you ever be in a relationship with him if you're too shy and shut him down? so you're just going to message him thru the computer for months because you're too shy?

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    Here's a bit of wisdom for you: A guy will NEVER consider it creepy to receive the kind of message you're referring to. If he's interested in you at all, he'll be flattered and encouraged. If he's not interested in you he'll simply either ignore your message, or give you a brief but polite reply and that will be the end of it. You have, quite literally, NOTHING to lose by reaching out to him with a message.

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    2 months ago

    Not creepy at all: I expect he'd be glad of a note from you asking how he is or whatever. Just be aware, of course, that he could be married!

    Good Luck! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yeah just go for it. Though he might not be gay. Or single.

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