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Does anyone know anything about this record?

I've tried looking it up, but can't find anything on it. The other side reads: 


 Use this side on or after Nov. 17, '54

Marshall Announcements

Cut 1. 60 seconds

Cut 2. 50 seconds

Cut 3. 20 seconds

Cut 4. 15 seconds

Cut 5. 10 seconds

Cut 6. 8 seconds

Musical Jingle

Cut 7. 60 seconds

Cut 8. 20 seconds (Marshall tag)

Cut 9. 10 seconds (Marshall tag)

Produced by Grant Advertising, Inc.


Audio-Video Recording Co., Inc." Followed by what I'm assuming is an address for said recording company.

Any info on this would be great, I'm just so curious as to what it was used for. One theory is it was possibly played in a store or something. TIA!


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I’ve uploaded a clip of one of the tracks from the record. I didn’t listen to this one before, so it was really cool to hear.

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  • steve
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    2 months ago
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    I would assume it was distributed to radio stations for their commercial breaks.   (That's quite a find!)   I would guess that such records would have been destroyed or returned to parent companies after their usefulness.    How did you get such a record? I'd love to hear it.

    Searches for 'Audio-Video Recording Co', 'Grant Advertising', '730 Fifth Avenue', 'AV775' and '55 Dodge Teaser Campaign' didn't result in anything related to your specific record.    I was able to find a few articles on both 'Audio-Video Recording Co' and 'Grant Advertising' from the 1950s.    I would have thought that Discogs might have included recordings associated with 'Audio-Video Recording Co', but they didn't.  Most likely since your record doesn't appear to have been a commercial product.   

    Other occupants of '730 Fifth Avenue' appear to have been --

    El Potosi Mining Company

    Foley, Walsh & Rowe, Esqs

    Holmes-Western Consolidated

    Howe Sound Company, Inc

    Artemis Greenberg Van Doren Gallery

    ICM Partners

    Mikimoto of America

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I’m not sure if I’m responding to your comment in the correct way, Steve, but hopefully you’ll see this. I came across the record in a “Gone with the Wind” case at Goodwill. I realized it wasn’t said record when I pulled it out. I’ll have to take a video of it and post it on YouTube and link it to you! 

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