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Can user "David" prove he lives in Florida?

He claims to be a civil engineer living in Florida.  He has a new baby, but he spends all day on here.

I caught the prlck last week when he answered his own anonymous question with a prepped answer in 4 minutes.  

There's no way he gathered all that research and posted in 4 minutes.

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    -LOL.  I didn't compose this question, but I did see that question where *David* answered within minutes.  It was complex research that would have taken much, much more than 5 minutes to answer.  *David* obviously composed the question ahead of time.

    There was another question where *David* spent days sifting through research.  You're right.  No way a new father with a full time job is doing that, but *David* calls this his "personal passion project.*  More lulz

    As for Dirac--yes he is *David.*  Dirac posts some pic of a random backyard fence with a mountain and that's supposed to prove something.  Dirac urges people to email him.  Why?  What does that prove?

    Does this guy remotely understand the meaning of evidence.

    Oh yeah, Dirac is Koshka and Darwinist, too.  I caught him one day when he mixed up the accounts.  As if it wasn't obvious already.

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    LOL at Dirac's post.  No one ever said you taught at Penn State.  The question was simply put forth.

    And LOL at your "teaching schedule."  There's no name.  No institution.  No nothing.  You simply found one of a millions apps on the internet and crudely filled it in.  You take the cake, clown.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I don't understand why the florida bit should matter.  He might have a kid (i don't know), but  I do know that he likely doesn't work.  If so, then that's pretty embarrassing.  He not only plays Mister Mom, but plays on Yahoo all day while his wife slaves away to feed a kid.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    he's not an engineer.  He's not a dad.  If anything, he's an unemployed dickweed asswipe with nothing better to do than troll and pretend he's intelligent. 

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  • JimZ
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    1 month ago

    I thought David lived in NYC but then again maybe the Democrat led riots caused him to move.  

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    can you prove you exist !!!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If  he could, he would have.  Notice he didn't

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I'm sure he could, but why should he?  Real people don't have to prove anything to you, your just a troll.  How many times have YOU answered your question?  Just because YOU run multiple accounts doesn't mean anyone else does.  You'll have to do better than that.

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    You, soft lad, David, I haven’t really been in section for weeks you weirdo, I’ve been in the politics section following and commenting on the death of your democracy. You really are a fool, I haven’t asked you for Jack sh1 the. I do note however that you can’t do the simply thing this guy asked you to do. If you took the trouble to post a stupid picture of your machine why not take a snap of a street sign. Yes I think you’re Dirac, you have the same crappy arrogant writing style.

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    If you want proof, then they should post a pic of something unique to their area.  Like a street sign.  They could post a piece of paper reading Yahoo in the pic.

    They would have to do it immediately after you ask because it's fairly easy to photoshop these.  Wasn't Darwinist asked to do with opposite traffic in the UK?  But, as I recall, he failed to do it.

    Anyway, a Florida pic would just prove that Dirac lives in Florida.  You would need pictures from all 4 of their accounts.  I propose:

    Darwiinist --UK pic with opposite traffic.

    Koshaka -- Quebec sign in French

    Dirac--Cali sign

    David--Florida sign

    Attachment image
  • Why do you keep violating the community guidelines by harassing other users by asking them such privacy invasive questions? Especially when you ask them ''anonymously''. 

    Then you go on complaining about who delivers an answer within 4 minutes when you have no proof of your claims, just like when you slander Dirac and accuse anyone you disagree with of being him. 

    Besides, you never even get anything right, that's why you keep making things up. 

    Why should David answer this? Even if he did you would claim he lies, because that's all you have. False claims about global warming, false claims about science, false claims about scientists, and false claims about other users. Your life must really suck, you should get your meds adjusted. You are pathetic, I pity you.

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