What’s wrong with my car?

***4 CYLINDER TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 XLE*** Asking online first before I go to a mechanic because they charge a diagnostic fee, so with that being said, 3 days ago while I was driving, my battery light came on, but no issues were present, so the next day as I am 5 miles away from home, my headlights start flickering as well as dashboard and center console, then my car started to stall and slow down, power steering failed so the friction was astronomical, car didn’t die when I came to a stop it kept going, I got a jump from my co workers but the second I pulled off, all the systems began to fail again as mentioned above and the following day I began to notice when I try to turn the car on, it either won’t come on the first time or it will struggle and when I step on the gas to see if my engine is good, the RPM goes up but then as it comes down it pauses above 2 RPM for like a split second as if I’m holding on to the gas pedal then goes back to normal, attempted to charge my battery for about 3 hours, put it back in the car and drive around the neighborhood as a test before everything failed again, could it be the alternator? The battery? I have no idea, I cannot make it to an auto parts store to have my systems tested


Okay to the p*say anonymous smartass with zero interpretation skills whatsoever, when I say “no issues were present” that would mean even though the light came on the car was still running perfectly fine, before you insult somebody maybe reread what you just read and actually think of a response before you make yourself look like a c*cksucker on a public forum pay that even a middle schooler would be able to figure out, maybe at least assume people are still learning about cars you anonymous kid

Update 2:

Honestly I could seriously not give one f*ck about the smart*ss comments, half of you are anonymous and can’t be man enough to be direct, ik what’s in between your legs, secondly THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL LEARNING ABOUT CARS, NOT EVERYONE IS A F*CKING MECHANIC OR A CAR EXPERT, ANSWER THE QUESTION IN A CIVIL MANNER OR MOVE TF ON

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  • 1 month ago

    You might want to check the serpentine belt.  It might be the belt is worn out, or the belt tightener is broken and not keeping tension on the belt.  Way cheaper than an alternator so one can only hope.

    Even if that's the problem, the battery has been stressed pretty hard.  Keep an eye on that and if the car turns over with difficulty in the near future you'll need to get it replaced.

  • fuzzy
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    REALLY? the presence of a warning light is to be ignored? The battery light on indicates a fault in the battery & charging circuit. THAT'S what it means. You have a fault in the charging system. The car will continue to run until the battery goes flat. Does this sound like what happened?

    I'd suspect the alternator drive belt has broken or the alternator has burnt out a couple (or all) of the diodes.

  • 2 months ago

    Take it to Autozone and have them test the battery and/or alternator.

    Oh - and get over yourself - you are the one asking about your broke-a** car because you obviously don't know jack sh**.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    its either the regulator or the alternator or a broken lead .. a charging tester can tell in a minute . if it checks ok , then you have a faulty light switch ..

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  • 2 months ago

    HELLO! you definitely HAVE A charging issue AND PROBABLY EVEN AN oil AND A BUILDUP OF crap ISSUE HERE! remove the battery AND HAVE IT charged FREE  at most AUTO stores! >>PERHAPS you have a BROKEN ALTERNATOR DRIVE BELT!OPEN THE Hood and LOOK! Get a FREE battery test at AUTOZONE but for GOD SAKE do NOT buy an AUTO ZONE BATTERY EVER! They are JUNK batteries! >>USUALLY the BATTERY and the ALTERNATOR wear out at the SAME EXACT TIME like a PAIR! btw you do NOT have "GAS" PEDAL>>>YOU HAVE AN "air" PEDAL! it DOES no good TO PUMP THE PEDAL LIKE IN A carb POWERED ENGINE! You are ONLY EXERCISING your FOOT! >>Once you get battery charged and car running again, use a can of GUNK ORANGE ORIGINAL ENGINE CLEANER and  POWER WASH your engine at a DIY car wash! You CANNOT hurt anything! LEAVE ENGINE RUNNING! AVOID the DISTRIBUTOR if you still have one, but most later cars have SEALED Ignitions that are WATER PROOF! I have a FEELING that your BELT has broken from how you describe things! You can use this time as a CAR LESSON by learning a few things!  The LIGHT went on when the BELT BROKE So you have been running on BATTERY POWER instead of from the ALTERNATOR. When you OPEN THE HOOD and see if the BELT is still there or NOT< remove the battery and get to auto store for that FREE TEST! FI you drove 3 days with CHARGE LIGHT ON< it usually means the DRIVE BELT went bad and BROKE OFF! FIND a CAN of AMSOIL POWER FOAM and use it to clean the THROTTLE BODY and the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE! Do NOT use VALVOLINE OIL ever, or any EL CHEAPO oil change bargain specials either ever AGAIN! Your ENGINE is CAPABLE of easily getting to 500,000 MILES with some KNOWLEDGE! RUN the AMSOIL FOAM through the PCV VALVE< the POSITIVE CRANKCASE VENTILATION valve! If you do NOT know where this is get the CAN and go to an OIL CHANGE CENTER to have it done for you. Begin using PENNZOILULTRA PLATINUM as it gets you an extended warranty to 500,000 miles !!! HAPPY SUNDAY!! The idea is to keep the engine bay CLEAN and clean out any muck buildup inside from using any inferior oils, CLEAN outisde engine and CLEAN INISDE the engine! Using DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASER SPARK PLUGS can get up MORE MPG and MORE POWER esp around town! You have a REAL KEEPER HERE! >>>>If it turns out that your BATTERY Is shot, get one from a JUNKYARD from a recent wreck and also replace the ALTERNATOR as they wear out TOGETHER! Send results to rgmuske@yahoo.com I keep records on these things! GOOD DAY!  EXPECT TO GET TO 500,000 miles with this car! KEEP oil receipts to maintain the warranty. Change oil once or twice a year! LEARN>>>>how to read your dipstick! When the oil gets dirty brown or thick CHANGE IT!WALMART has the oil for $20/5 QTS!

  • 2 months ago

    Sounds to me like a failed alternator. If you are charging the battery frequently, and it still fails, definitely something wrong with the alternator it seems like.

  • 2 months ago

    Your alternator is bad and your battery is going dead.

  • 2 months ago

    Did you happen to notice/check if your accessory belt is still intact?  That belt drives the alternator so if it fails so does your alternator.  I ask because the car will run for a short while on battery power alone without an alternator but eventually the battery dies and you're stuck like you described.  Recharging the battery would buy you a few miles but you'd end up stopped again once the battery died again.

  • 2 months ago

    It the electrical starts to go bad while the car is running, it is usually the alternator.

    But after you charge the battery for 3 hours and can't drive around the block without it failing, that sounds like a battery problem.

         In the end, it may be both.  Either one going bad puts a strain on the other.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You are going to need a new alternator - but god forbid NEVER EVER look in the owners manual to learn about ANY light that ever illuminates on the dash while driving - I mean really how important could they be, ESPECIALLY the oil light - Just keep driving until it grinds to a stop.

    Edit - Actually DUMBASS it would run fine until the battery can't keep up with the load - the alternator may have been helping but well below the voltage required to keep the battery charged completely - not enough charge to keep the FUCKINGLIGHT OFF - fuckingdumbass.

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