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Which college career path is better or more beneficial in the long run for a stable career?

I'm trying to decide between going for an associates in applied science and becoming a medical coder and biller and other jobs I can secure with that degree but I'm also showing interest in becoming a paralegal. It just seems so interesting but I dont know anything about being a paralegal.

Can someone give insight on which one is best and which i would benefit from more? I need to make a decision before February.

Please help me

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    In The USA, we have an absolute GLUT of legal professionals.   When you finish your paralegal courses, you will not be able to find a job.   

    Source(s): note: I am not an attorney.
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    3 months ago

    Check on-line in your local for employment opportunities.  Look for beginning and average salary as well as demand.  Don't believe whatever they tell you at the school.  They always inflate the opportunities.

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