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Can you play 2 player Super Smash Bros on one Switch console?

I've never seen a Switch but doesn't it have detachable controllers or something?

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    You can have up to 8 players in Smash Bros Ultimate provided you have enough controllers.

    The joycons on the standard switch can be removed and used as individual controllers for two players, although I would say it's not a particularly enjoyable method of input for anyone who doesn't have the hands of a small child.

    You can purchase additional controllers pretty much anywhere that sells video games these days.

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    YES, you can 2 Player of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the STANDARD Switch (NOT the Switch Lite).

    The standard Switch comes with a pair of detachable JoyCons, which the game only requires ONE JoyCon per player... which is enough to cover 2 players.

    The controls for the Switch Lite are hardwired to the console & cannot be detached (not without voiding your warranty in the process).  You would need an extra controller in this case.

    Please be aware that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate supports up to 8 players locally, which can be a mix of JoyCons, wireless Pro-style controllers & wired controllers (w/ a USB or Gamecube controller hub).  HOWEVER, it's heavily recommended to dock the Switch to a TV in order to provide enough screen space so that everybody can properly see their character (as the built-in screen on the Switch is too small to properly support more than 2 players).

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