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Email from one child to other was forwarded to me, their parent?

I have two adult children and an email from one to the other was indirectly forwarded to me.  Both are very successful adults, and they have both made a lot of money and have contributed to their families and communities.

What would you think of it?From one child to the other, describing their parents (me):“I went out of my way to visit them once every few weeks, which took up a lot of time and money.  Your approach of seeing them on holidays was definitely clearly what they preferred from both of us.  So no more frequent visits from me.It’s really not my business that they have given you large amounts of cash without telling me.  They think I’m a total moron in life and that’s fine- that’s not correct but they can think what they want.”


The child believes that I think that the child is a moron.

Update 2:

Neither child forwarded it.  The wife of the other child (not the “moron” one) sent it to some other relatives, who sent it to me.

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    I would think it was time to talk to the one who thinks you think are a moron and explain why you have given the other child money and what you really think of them.  If you want visits, tell them how much you appreciate them.  Build a better relationship with both.

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    maybe someone wanted you to see it

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    I think you are being baited by the child who thinks that YOU THINK he or she is a moron.  They want your attention for something.

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    What do you mean "indirectly" forwarded?  Are you saying this was accidental?  Or did someone else pass it on?  The answer depends on HOW you ended up reading it.

    For example, if neither one had any idea you'd see this, I think it's  pretty tame!  My fam is very close, but I've exchanged emails w/ sibs about parents that were far worse.  To me, it does sound like you need to have a chat with the "moron" child.  If there's any possibility that child knew you'd be seeing it, it's a passive aggressive way to send you a message.  Depending on age, this might be immature, since it always makes more sense to sit down with the parent and discuss it. 

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    Maybe it's a blessing in disguise? Now you know how your own child think you feel about him/her and you have a chance of making things right (assuming he/she is wrong). If you do it with love and no accusations or hard feelings, your relationship will probably be the better for it.

    If I thought my mother could handle these kind of truths, I certainly wouldn't mind her receiving an accidentally forwarded message.

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