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how do I make jeans feel softer?

Some of my jeans don't feel very soft, how can I make them feel more soft?


Besides that, what else?

Update 2:

hmm okay, thanks

Update 3:

wow very interesting, I never knew that. Thank you very much vicky! :)

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    Use fabric softener. Works like a charm.

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    Savannah I've spoken to a friend who owns a biker gear store and she say's if you soak them in white vinegar and warm water over night that should work.

    Pour a bottle of white vinegar into the powered draw of your washing machine, let the water heat up a little, turn off the machine and allow your jeans to soak over night. Alternatively pop them in a bucket of warm water and vinegar. It works on new towels and bed sheets too.

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    There used to be a product for jeans called "Soft & Fade" but I haven't seen it in a few years. Maybe "20 Mule Team Borax" would do it.

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