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Why are former in-laws so nosy & intrusive? ?

I’m a mom of 3 amazing kids. They are 26, 24, and 23. They are off doing their own thing and l love it! I’m very glad they have a close relationship with their paternal grandparents. I love my former in-laws but they need to realize l have moved on. I am no longer married to their son. He is deceased. Our relationship has changed. I have changed and I don’t have to tell them anything. This frustrates them. But l don’t care. This is my life, and I am free to live it how l choose. 

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    They still think of you as family, a way to to have some kind of connection to their son. Limit what you tell them, live your life as you want. But do understand they miss their son, and want to hold onto anything related to him.

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