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Blood test question?

3 blood tests and 3 months later, my lymphocytes are still elevated...

The doctor said if they're still elevated after the most recent blood test, ill be referred to haematology.

I haven't had any symptoms of infection, they tested for numerous infections all of which came back negative

They do seem to be going down little by little 

Sept 5.0

Oct 4.8

Dec 4.5

Any idea what could be causing this? 

I'm waiting on colposcopy as my cervical smear showed HPV and abnormal cells. Can the HPV be causing this?

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    Any infection can potentially cause an increase in lymphocytes, and maybe HPV is the cause, but that doesn't seem likely since its a very localized type of infection. There are dozens of other viruses that could potentially be the cause.   Finding the cause is a process of elimination and at this point, no potential causes have been eliminated other than the infections you were tested for.  So, virtually the whole list of things that can cause chronic lymphocytosis without any obvious symptoms remains a possibility (assuming you don't have any symptoms since you didn't mention any)

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    You really have to wait for all tests to be done. No need to worry yourself before you have to. One step at a time.

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