do female gorillas look silverback males in the eye?

It's common sense to not look a gorilla in the eye unless you're ready to fight, but do the female gorillas look in the eyes of a silverback male they want to mate with?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Looking at any animal in the eye is normally perceived as a threat, but animals that know each other will look each other in the eyes and not feel threatened. Male gorillas do not fight the females, because they are part of their harem. However, there are known cases that female gorillas in the same harem may have disputes, and the male may step in and discipline them by beating them up. So, wife beating had probably evolved in our close relatives millions of years before humans evolved as a species. 

    If you meet a dog that is barking at you. Looking it in the eyes would usually stop it from approaching any farther, However, if you turn and run, you may be chased and even beaten. While you stare at the dog, it knows that you are threatening to fight it, so it will hesitate before attacking, unless it has already decided to launch an attack. 

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