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Can you be a formula 1 driver without a driver's license?

I want to do formula 1 I have played the official video games and I've decided I want to do it on a very professional level. I've done karting for fun so I got an idea of how it feels to go fast and the strain from your hands on a steering wheel. My grandpa built a race track my mom owned it and then got tricked into selling it which that's kind of a sad story. It was going to go down to me. I live in Indiana and I've gotten an actual interest in formula 1 and as someone from the US the sport would be good to have US representation back I think. I know there is one driver from the US that's in formula 2 but formula 1 has actually lost interest in the US. I can't watch races live because I'm not subscribed to ESPN so I will go on YouTube. I know of one racing school in Indiana that has a good history with Indy car drivers. I know Indy car and formula 1 are different but you can understand similar things. I do want to know if they would ever ask for a license before they let you drive their cars though? And I know racing does take a lot of psycial exercise to be able to handle the g-force. I know a lot of people in the US probably don't pay attention to what's going in formula 1 but answer this. Also I know how racing lanes work on the sense of going farther away on the outside when going straight and then getting close to the corner when turning. I have looked up videos explain F1 racing skills.

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    Yes ....   ............

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    You need a racing licence first which see your local race track. Then to make it to F1, you need an FIA Super licence. In which you need to achieve 40 points over 3 years.

    To get 40 points

    You'd either need to win the Indycar series or the Formula 2 Championship which gives 40 points. Or get a combination from other series over 3 years.

    An example

    Year 1: 2nd in Formula 4 gives 10 points

    Year 2: 4th in Formula 3 gives another 10 points

    Year 3: 5th in Formula 2 or 3rd in Indycar would give you 20 points

    and you'd have the 40 you need

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    You need a FIA super licence. This is largely based on points obtained in lower formulas and other series.

    The rules have changed recently, in that you have to be 18 and hold a road licence in your own country.

    Before this change ,Max Verstappen competed in F1 when 17 before he held a Dutch road licence.

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    No, you can't be but you don't need a special license.

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