No check engine?

p2270 and p2271 Also p 0700 what must be wrong with my truck? I have a 2008 avalanche with 126000 miles. All three codes came up on mechanic scanner but no check engine light. What can be causing this? I replaced new sensors like 5 months ago. The other day I was going 25mph then I felt like the truck wanted to stop so when I pressed the gas it wouldn’t speed up. Finally I stopped it and turned it on and it hasn’t happened. Please help

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    1 month ago

    Your insane avoidance of mechanics will cause you problems in the future.  These guys got books to explain all the NUMBERS.  Trust them. They would rather get positive feedback from you as you tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends. That is how they have a business.  Lots of work...on a variety of vehicles with different problems.  No one has the identical problem like the neighbor.

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    The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT should come ON when your key is in the ON position, engine OFF! If NOT< you have a bad LIGHT in the dash board. When the car is STARTED it should go OFF! If it NEVER goes on you have a computer problem or bad light bulb in the dash!>>>>>FIRST LESSON>>>al cars with FUEL INJECTION work BACKWARDS from engines that have a CARBURETOR! In other words you CANNOT PUMP THE GAS! You do NOT have a real "GAS PEDAL", you only have an "AIR PEDAL," the fuel is injected to follow suit on the amount of AIR you give the engine! In between you have a THROTTLE BODY and an IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE that adds MORE AIR if needed to prevent stalling! and raise the IDLE if you turn on the AC system! IN my experience, GM uses a VERY CHEAP IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE that is VULNERABLE to sludge and tar formation and will NOT work if full of baked in CRUD! i USE Amsoil POWER FOAM TO REMOVE years OF TARRY BUILDUP IN the THROTTLE BODY and the IACV! It is ALL ABOUT your OIL CHOICES here! That is WHY we have great SYNTHETIC OILS< and VALVOLINE< the usual choice is NOT used by ANY FACTORY ON EARTH due to it's affinity to break down and turn into HARD SLUDGE in the rings and rots RUBBER line in the PCV system from acidic harmful VAPORS  I swear by PENNZOIL ULTRA PL:ATINUM and ULTRA EURO oil that is made from NATURAL GAS and will NOT make any harsh tarry de[posits ANYWHERE in the engine or in the SENSORS! Many very skilled auto technicians STILL do not fully understand this and BAX is one of them! I SUED VALVOLINE once and got a FREE ENGIEN from them in COURT! They ruin PCV SYSTEMS THIS WAY!>>>IN your case< REMOVE THE air intake ductwork TO REVEAL The THROTTLE BODY and a passageway to the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE for CLEANING UP with AMSOIL FOAM. SO< Pressing the "AIR PEDAL" will do NOTHING but exercise your FOOT! IF the IAC ifs full of baked in tarry SLUDGE it cannot fine tune the AIR/FUEL mixture anymore and STALLING will be inevitable. also the use of the AC will cause the idle to go LOWER than intended! The IAC has an electrical connection so the computer, reading the sensors, can ADD or SUBTRACT AIR as required to  keep the engine running right and PREVENT the formation of sludge. I am NOT a total FAN of how GM does things or how they USED to do things! IF yo8u EVER used VALVOLINE you may need a full DE SDLUGING done, which is EAY to do with GUNK ORIGINAL ORANGE engine cleaner and a can of the AMSOIL POWER FOAM.>>>>DO THIS>>>> find a can of AMSOIL POWER FOAM and run it through the PCV. This will get to the PISTON RINGS and TOPS< the O2 sensor and the CONVERTER even and remove carbon and sludgy deposits! IT's ALL ABOUT CLEAN!!!! Use the GUNK to clean the OUTSIDE of the engine at a DIY CAR WASH when it is NOT freezing outside! Runing AMSOIL thru the PCV will dislodge YEARS of carbon and tar from the RINGS and expel it As a WHITE CLOUD out the tailpipe! This PROVEs it is working right! Once you remove the INTAKE AIR snorkel use a screwdriver to hold the THROTTLE FULLY OPEN and clean the throttle body PLATES exposed with a tooth brush and follow with a GUMOUT RINSE! You can remove the IACV and hope that a cleaning will fix it, OR just buy a NEW ONE! Stay away from the EL CHEAPO Oil change specials you see around town! Use ONLY PENNOZIL ULTRA PLATINUM in the 0 series from, like 0W-30 to protect down to 35 below zero and REDUCE FRICTION! it is SPECIAL cause it is made from NATURAL: GAS and NOT from crude oil or the WAX reduction method.  You can run the AMSOIL directly through the THROTTLE BODY< also to get to the RINGS that are probably covered with HARD COKE by now! It DISSOLVES on contact! There are OTHER great oils to use like AMSOIL, LIQUI MOLY, TOTAL ENERGY OIL from France, but only the PENNZOIL will extend your warranty to 500,000 miles! so KEEP THE RECIEPTS! it is on sale most times at WALMART for $20 for 5 QTS. This oil will also protect your CONVERTER from damages and keep the O2 working LONGEST! and with time remove ALL coatings of VARNISH< SLUDGE and TAR from the INSIDE of the engine! I CANNOT properly tune a car without it! When you decide to remove the AC DELCO junk spark plugs, you can even inject the AMSOIL directly into vacant plug holes, allow to SIT for twenty minutes, then spin the engine over with NO PLUGS to expel the excess through the PLUG HOLES,>>>>THEN>>>install a fresh set of DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASER PLUGS @ $7 each to get up to 20% MORE POWER< and MILEAGE and lower emissions to near ZERO! ADVANCE AUTO carries what you need usually. ALSO remove the DEXCOOL coolant that GM was SUED over for every engine made between 96-2003 for INTAKE GASKET FAILURES that ruin the engines. TODAY even GM is sued for faulty IGNITION SWITCHES (that catch on FIRE) and BAD AIR BAG sensors that kill and harm PETS and CHILDREN in car seats. ANYWAYS< these things i have learned through experience over time! PENNZOIL is THE oil used by FERRARI and European engines

     will NOT accept oil that is NOT EURO FULLY SYNTHETIC OIL with special spec numbers like 502/505 for AUDI,VW; LONG LIFE LL-01-02-03 oil for BMW, or 229.03,05 oil for BENZ engines of ALL ages! As far as I KNOW there is NO trouble code for a BAD or DIRTY IAC valve in ANY car type. >>ALSO use the GUNK to clean the OUTSIDE of your engine at a DIY car wash as the CRANK POSITION SENSOR is ELECTRO-MAGNETIC and vulnerable to HEAT from the radiator! FLUSH OU all the JUNK from behind it, where twigs, feathers, leaves, and animal droppings have collected for YEARS! use AUDI coolant or TOYOTA coolant instead of DEXCOOL as there is STILL the possibility that DEXCOOL can eat up gaskets and seals over time! GM NEVER seems to learn from their mistakes!  They make the SAME ONES over and over again and leave the CUSTOMER to pay for their lack of engineering skills, or FAILING mass production techniques. I use a mixture of 50/50 GUNK ORANGE and AMSOIL POWER FOAM directly into the crankcase for CLEANING THINGS safely internally! It will remove YEARS of baked in COATINGS on the oil pan, the front cover, and the VALVE COVERS where BREATHERS can get clogged up. as well as the BACKSIDE of the CYLINDER WALLS that ALSO collect HOT TARRY residue and VARNISH from engine heat! Use the AMSOIL to clean the EGR valve guts as well and the HOSES connected to it! With a little EFFORT you can return things to SHOWROOM RUNNING as thanks to the necessity to improve FUEL MILEAGE and save the environment, engines are made to MUCH HIGHER PRECISION than ever before and the BOSCH injection systems will last the LIFETIME of the car or the engine! IT is nearly ALWAYS the AIR INTAKE side of the engine that will FOUL OUT from BAD oil choices and make SLUDGE that gets TOUGHER and TOUGHER to remove! Thank GOD for PENNZOIL ULTRA oils! and for AMSOIL POWER FOAM and for DENSO twin tip iridium LASER plugs! PENNZOIL emits next to NO harmful vapors that CLOG up the WORKINGS. and keep the CONVERTER free of harmful deposits as well!>>EXPECT to get to 500,000 miles, then if the truck's BRAKE LINES do NOT fall off from rusting internally and the BRAKES do not fall off from caliper sticking! (This can be PREVENTED to by POWER FLUSHING the brake fluid OUT and IN every 2-3 years).  You will; FEEL the difference around town with a CLEAN or NEW IAC VALVE and the use of PENNZOIL and DENSO TT iridium plugs, FOR SURE!>>>EXPECT MORE POWER and MIELAGE up to 20% with these special plugs in use! and the LONGER LASTING of your sensors as WELL! >>>BE AWARE of GM timing chains!>>>have it INSPECTED and REPLACED as it is very common for them to break and RUIN the engine for you! There are LOTS of complaints about this on CARCOMPLAINTS .com! Go there and SEE for yourself!  I use BORG WARNER replacement IAC valves cuz they are MORE RELIABLE and STRONGER! GOOD LUCK and I am TOO HIGH winded today for some reason! 

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    2 months ago

    maybe the check engine light is burned out. 

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