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How doi start running and exercising as an extremely unfit person? Im not even in my twenties yet and a couple of weeks ago i had knee pain.?

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    1. Rather than run, which is very hard on your joints, consider doing a full-body cardio/HIIT workout at home. There are hundreds of free workouts on YouTube. You can also consider swimming or cycling or using an elliptical trainer -- all of these are good aerobic exercises that are easier on the knees than running.

    2. Start easy and follow modifications -- don't do high impact moves if they are too difficult or cause pain.

    3. Understand that it can take several months to slowly build up both your cardiovascular endurance and your muscle strength.

    4.  Check your diet and BMI. Are you within a healthy weight range and just out of shape or are you also carrying extra fat? If you need to drop a few pounds, diet is essential.  

    5. Look up specific exercise to strengthen the muscles around the knee and or see a physical therapist and or orthopedic specialist.  It is most likely that you just don't have good muscle tone, but it is possible that you have some injury or problem that needs medical attention.  

    6. If you do chose to run or walk, get really good shoes -- take the time to get shoes from a running store that can help you find shoes that support your feet correctly.  For example, if you pronate or supinate, you need a footbed that helps keep your foot/ankle/knee in the right alignment.  

    7. If you have flat feet or other major alignment issues, you may benefit from getting orthopedic shoe inserts. 

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    2 months ago

    If possible, start by seeing a doctor or physical therapist.  The fact that you have knee pain is a red flag, and a doctor or PT can tell you what caused it and how to work around it.  I started running and developed knee pain, and my doctor was concerned that I had basically whacked my kneecap out of alignment.  It turned out to be a congenital condition, and my physical therapist gave me exercises to strengthen my quadriceps to take some of the load off the knee and prevent further injuries.

    Don't start with running.  Start by walking.  Over time, increase your speed.  Then you can work your way up to running in intervals.  Also try and build muscle with exercises like push ups and crunches.  Listen to your body.  If something hurts, stop doing it.

  • 2 months ago

    I wish I was young enough to play baseball again. Running is probably not gonna help your knee much. You can try golf and walk, that’s what I do. You can substitute something for some exercise, a good diet. The last thing you want to be is overweight and get zero exercise. 

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