2006 Silverado 5.3L coolant leak?

I took my pickup truck to my mechanic for an unrelated issue & when he called me back with the diagnostic results he said he also found I had a coolant leak from somewhere in the area of the intake manifold & that it was almost bone dry with very little antifreeze. 

I drive it every day 40 miles to work & back & never smelled anti freeze or noticed puddles any where. I haven’t went by to have him show me the issues before agreeing to fix cause he called me when I was at work but will see it tomorrow. 

My questions are Could a vehicle run for a while with little antifreeze or am I being took? & Any idea what may be leaking?

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    2 months ago
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    I'm sure that he meant very little in the Reservoir where you fill it. If you had Heat and it never ran above normal temp, it was never too low on coolant. But if the Intake Manifold was leaking there should be a yellow or orange stain on top of it, because if  it was leaking underneath it would get into the Oil. Likewise if a coolant hose or fitting is leaking a little the water part of the coolant will evaporate and leave a stain that he should be able to show you. GM in the past had a lot of coolant gasket problems with Dexcool, but I thought they fixed that.

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    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! Gm was sued for EVERY ENGINE made WORLDWIDE for DEXCOOL COOLANT and GM choices of GASKETING MATERIAL! My brother in laws BUICK DIED at 65,000 miles, from FAILED INTAKE GASKETS and it cost him $2400 to REPLACE THE GASKETS and get rid of OLD DEXCOOL and install FRESH! YOUR ISSUE is VERY COMMON and I do NOT trust GM any longer! They cut CORNERS and make the SAME MISTAKES Over and OVER again! HE MAY BE RIGHT and probably IS right! GM COULD have stopped the issue LONG AGO before getting LEGISLATED into becoming the NEW GM! It is a matter of LEGALITY now! USE ONLY AUDI or TOYOTA COOLANT from now on to prevent it from happening AGAIN! MANY GM dealerships in MY area of DETROIT stopped selling GM cars for this very reason! ALL AUTO PARTS stores stay ALIVE from GM FAULTS like these GASKETS and the fact that GM brake lines keep rotting out from the inside out! This is a FIX IT YOURSELF type of thing unless you have TONS of extra cash! Get a new FELPRO intake gasket set and remove the TWO parts of the intake! HOPEFULLY you are NOT getting the coolant into your oil! Use ONLY PENNZOIL ULTRA OIL to get an extended warranty to 500,000 miles and NEVER use VALVOLINE> an oil that PROMOTES gasket failures and eats up PCV systems and dissolves rubber parts! NO FACTORY will USE IT! You do NOT see PUDDLES because the engine is BURNING IT from the INSIDE! They were SUED successfully for this issues and I went to court A few times over this as well! I am STIL angry with GM for making SOFT CAMS in CHEVY MONTE CARLOS back in the 70s. HERE AGAIN gm was sued for EVERY CHEVY ENGINES made from 75-83! Their CAMS would wear out by 35,000 miles and cause BACKFIRING! GM wanted at THAT TIME $1,000 to replace the CAMS with better ones! THANK GOD for RALPH NADER! He SAVED my dad; car and they had to fix it for FREE!!!! IT only  cost $35 for an OIL CHANGE. The head WRITE UP GUY turned LOBSTER RED from the paper I gave him from NHTSA that NADER founded to protect consumers from things like this!  I also SUED JEEP and CADDY< and CASTROl over the years as well! >>>>the ONLY way to see if your mechanic  is RIGHT is to remove ALL The spark plugs and look for DISCOLORATION as coolant leaves a tell tale COLOR on the plug! like a HARD ASH! While you are are THERE< do yourself a favor and install new DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASER PLUGS! t 20% MORE power< ROADABILITY, economy AND lower EMSISIONS! THEY ARE THE marvel OF OUR TIME! Nearly ALL new cars NOW use IRIDIUM PLUGS< but BOSCH and DENSO lead the way! Make the ENVIRONMENT HAPPIER!  

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    When you have a coolant leak it might not be leaking onto the exhaust manifold so you would have to open the hood and really sniff around good to catch a whiff of antifreeze. The temperature gauge also wouldn't be accurate so you may have been over heating the motor. If you don't trust the mechanic you took the truck to you should just go to the dealer!

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    It's interesting that you mistrust your mechanic yet don't have the common sense to check the car fluid levels regularly. Yes he could be scamming you but if you had taken an interest in your car you would already know the answer.

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    Sounds like your mechanic caught it just in time. It's probably been leaking slowly for some time and so far hasn't quite got to the point where you notice it. Very nearly but not quite.

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    I believe it was some of the 5.3 heads that leak coolant very slowly from near one of the bolts, the heads are very thin castings and the machining for the bolt holes creates a very fine crack. These are bolts under the valve cover

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