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My female dog is suddenly afraid of me?

This started about 2 months ago but it is getting worse. Whenever I try to pet my dog, she whines and hides under a table? Is there a reason why she suddenly started doing this?

Now she won't even hang out in my room anymore unless I bribe her with treats.

She prefers to be alone now and even whines if I pass her in the hallway.

I have never harmed her in any way.

I'm heartbroken that I can't be around her anymore. Please help!

Also, when I take her to the park, it's like she's normal again. We'll run around together and she'll let me pet her.

She only acts this way at home, especially at night.

She acts this way towards my girlfriend too. But at times she will let my girlfriend pet her. I rarely pet her anymore because I know she will whine.

She is almost 9 years old, medium to large sized coonhound/lab.

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    I'd suggest she may have pain somewhere, and the last time you stroked her, you hurt her (unintentionally).    Maybe time for a vet check to see what's going on.   Dogs do have long memories and if youi did cause her pain at one point, she won't be forgetting, especially if she still has that pain.   Meanwhile, don't force contact - let her come to you.

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    I am going to agree with the TWO level 7 experts.  When you see a sudden behavior CHANGE in your dog, it usually indicates a health issue (in this case with pain associated with it).  IMO, it is very possible, since you indicate this is a SENIOR age dog.

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    ANY change in normal behaviour needs a vets visit to rule out a health/injury issue

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    give her some brushing everyday. give her treats when she comes to u when called. Take her for more walks. take her to the local dog park.

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  • 2 months ago

    That’s strange. It sure sounds like someone is doing something to the dog. Is there anyone that has access to that dog without you being around?

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