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Why would a pimp want a woman who is extremely beautiful to work in a brothel?

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    Five male ex-pimps were surveyed, this indicates that pimps target vulnerable girls and women. Here’s what they revealed:

    Recruiting Girls and Women - Recruiting was ongoing, not only because of turnover, but also because repeat customers wanted variety and new faces had to be continually supplied. Pimps made clear they focused on vulnerable women.

    “I would look for girls and women who needed sh-- who would do whatever to come out of the messed up homes and escape from their f---ed-up parents or whoever they were living with. I pulled these girls. Women who had been abused by some sucker and wanted better treatment and nice things.”

    “Girls who ran away from home or were put out by their parents. Women who were pretty but were on welfare, drop outs, you know you can smell desperation. If she is hungry, she will go.”

    “I looked for girls and women who were willing to travel and were running away from something or someone.”

    “Any player can tell when a girl or a women has the look of desperation that you know she needs attention and love. It’s something you start to have a sixth sense about.”

    “I helped girls and women when no one else would. I picked up throwaways and runaways and dressed them up and taught them how to survive.”

    “What would you look for? Broken bones, unhappy with parents, unhappy with friends, no friends, abused by some sucker.”

    “I was attracted to the girls and women. I liked them and they liked me. We all had one main thing in common. We were hustling hard and wanted nice things. We came from shitty places. It’s like we needed each other.”

    Pimps offer love and attention, and isolating the needy girls and women helped bind them to him. “I liked to get my best girls and women from another state and bring them back where they knew no one and I was their only friend and focus. I found them in many places, but mostly from running into them on the street or at a bar or restaurant.”

    Pimps used various deceptive strategies to recruit needy young girls: “It’s impossible to protect all girls from guys like I was because that’s what we do. We eat, drink and sleep thinking of ways to trick girls and women into doing what we want them to do.”

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    Pearl has nailed it.

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    cause shes extremely beautiful

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