Can you use Meguiars 105 Heavy Cut compound on paint after car has been Ceramic Waxed (2 weeks)?

I took 10 hours detailing my car to have it looking in its best condition and Ceramic Waxed it as well (Ethos Ceramic Wax). One day coming home from school I parked underneath a tree worst mistake of my life and the birds had a big fiesta on my car. Took it to a car wash nearby and once I got the car back from the guys wiping the water off, I noticed severe swirls and scratches like they don’t change the towels they use to dry the cars. Long story short, would you recommend using 105 compound to remove the scratches and polish it up and then reapply the ceramic wax?

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  • 1 month ago

    i would ask a mechanic about it

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    horrible idea to bring your car to a car wash. the towels didnt do that, the brushes at the car wash probably did. never bring your car to a wash, always do that yourself with a microfiber cloth.  

    that absolutely sucks and no you should definitely NOT use a heavy cut compound on the car. you will go through clearcoat quicker than you think and have fading issues in a few years. I have no idea what kind of shape your car is in, how old it is, and if its been polished before. you dont want to guess when doing paint correction because that can get expensive quickly.

    the "correct" thing to do would be to take the car to a body shop, and maybe ask if they can use one of their paint depth gauges on various parts of the car. check the thickness of the paint all over the car, that should give you some general idea of how much clearcoat is left. if there is a decent amount of clear coat left, then you can maybe get one of those polishers and GENTLY polish the surface with some very very light polishing compound. 1 pass only. dont over-do it.

    personally i would just accept the fact that now the car has swirl marks and i made a mistake by bringing it to a wash. Also NEVER use paper towels on your car either. those scratch it too. microfiber cloths only. If I was you I would just wash the entire off thoroughly ON MY OWN with a microfiber cloth, and then apply another coat of wax and just forget about the microscratches. other people dont care about them. dont make the same mistake with your next car.

    removing those scratches would involve removing clearcoat and it's just not a good idea unless you have a professional examine the car and see how much clear-coat is left. either way, clearcoat does fail eventually. removing even a little bit will just speed up that process.

    Source(s): maybe you saw some people use meguiars 105 in a video to remove scratches from a car, but the part that they dont tell you is that they also removed about 6 months to 1 year of clearcoat protection from the car. the more aggressive the compound, the more clearcoat is removed. you can even burn right through the clearcoat in 5 or 6 passes if the paint is old and you're not careful and the polisher heats it up too much.
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