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For my horoscope?

Which good paying job is perfect for a Sagittarius?

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    Sagittarius is just your Sun sign  It does not indicate what field of work suits you.

    You have to do up your individual natal chart, using the exact birth time, your full birth date, and the place you were born.  I recommend alabe.com or cafeastrology.com.

    Look at your 10th House/Midheaven Sign.

    Look at the planet which "rules" that Sign ... which planet it is, what Sign it is in, what House it is in, and how it aspects any of your other 9 planets.

    Also look at any planets located IN the 10th House ... again, which planets they are, what Sign they are in, and how they aspect other planets.

    Sun sign doesn't answer your question.  It is certainly easy to find, but it is a money-maker for writers and is NOT real astrology.

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    THEY ARE FUN PEOPLE....THEY might like a job in a store..But my high school friend was sagit and she is working for a company but cant remember her job title

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    just go get a job and then you'll know

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    A lazy bum.    

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