How do I create a user interface program in C?

I'm very new to programming, and I've been practicing C with terminal output, but now I want to create a physical program, like a calculator, where I can place buttons and code them. I have a mac and use xCode 12.2. How do I do this? What are the steps? 

I have also downloaded the SDL library via terminal as I found out this was necessary.

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    You wanna know about GUI. Then,

    1. Set properties.

    2. The source code of callback.c.

    In these two lines, the program will take glade widgets into Gtk widgets.

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    If you want to write a Mac-style graphical application, you need to use the Cocoa API and libraries, but that doesn't work with C.  Apple only supports Swift (recommended for all new applications) or Objective-C (still supported for legacy applications.)

    You can use SDL, but it doesn't come with any support for application windows, or the buttons, text boxes, and other controls that a graphical user interface (GUI) needs.  It's just a very fast way to move pixels around, and access joysticks and other game controllers.  

    You may want to look at one of the cross-platform graphical APIs.  Probably the most common choice for C is GTK.  ( 

    If you can expand your skill set to use C++, then libraries like Qt or wxWidgets.  (Qt is essentially C++ only.  There's a C binding for wxWidgets, but that's mainly intended to support interfacing to functional languages like Haskell or Ocaml.  You might not find a lot of support for building applications in C.)

    If you've never done any GUI programming before, get ready for a big learning curve.  In a console-type program, or in a background service ("daemon"), your program runs from main() and calls system functions as needed.  In a GUI program, the GUI library is "the system" and it calls your functions as needed to get things done. 

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    you need to learn ALL of C programming, not just the beginner classes.

    there are many more things beyond just terminal usage, but you need to learn more than the basics to do anything with a GUI.

    try this:

    Youtube thumbnail

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    if you type this on the search bar it might show you how to do it

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