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Should I take this part time job while in college?

I have agreed to take a part time job as a radio promotions assitant. I was really excited. I am supposed to start next Tuesday. However, today I just learned they usually schedule people from 10 am to 3 pm. I begin my senior year of college on January 19th, and ALL of my classes are within that time frame all throughout the week. 

I have two classes on MoWeFr, and the rest (3-4 classes) are on TuTh. My job usually schedules people twice a week. I'm wondering if I should email my MoWeFr professors and ask if I can skip class twice a week for work. Should I do that first? Or should I give my job my class schedule and ask if they could work around that?

I really don't want to lose this job! please help

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    Absolutely not. Even if the professors allow you to skip class that often (sounds like you'd miss a third to a half of your total lectures), you place yourself at risk of failing by missing so many classes. Don't scuttle your degree for a part-time job. 

    If you can easily reschedule some classes, then do so.

    If not, contact the job and tell them when you are available to work. When they "usually schedule people" is immaterial; what matters is when they will schedule you. 

    If they can't work with your schedule, then it's not a good job for a college student. 

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    Your classes need to come first. That is your top priority.

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    This is the wrong job for you unless you can work other than during class hours. You cannot skip classes & expect to pass your courses. Graduation is more important than this part-time job. 

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